Why the 2018 VW Atlas V6 4Motion in Olympia is the Perfect SUV


For those looking for a new vehicle in Olympia, the options can sometimes seem overwhelming.  VW SUVs have become a popular choice for Olympia buyers because they offer their drivers a higher perspective, look impressive, and are capable of taking them through many PNW adventures.  While there may be a lot of choices out there, the VW Atlas with V6 engine and 4Motion is really the only one you should consider—the Atlas brings many positives features to the table.

The Atlas Has A Roomy Interior With Multiple Rows of Seating

One of the biggest strengths of the VW Atlas is how spacious its interior is.  You can adjust the seats to suit your needs, but for big families, this car is a must.  Fit your whole family, your large group of friends, or a great deal of equipment and know that no matter what you’re bringing with you it’s going to fit in your car.  Not only is there enough room for everyone inside your car, but the seats are comfortable and very supportive.  Passengers love these seats, especially for long car rides.  

A Capable and Powerful 3.6L V6 Engine

The V6 engine is an added boost for those who want the classic and reliable VW Atlas with just a little more.  Though it’s a large vehicle, many drivers have noted that it drives like a much smaller car—both in gas consumption and smoothness.  The V6 engine isn’t necessary for everyone, but it is definitely a favorite feature for those who get it.  


Large Cargo Area for Storage

Beyond just the general seating, the VW Atlas has a huge amount of cargo area behind the third row.  This means you won’t have to compromise between carrying everyone you want to, plus all the stuff they’ll likely come with.  Long camping trips and day trips alike won’t be filled with the hassle of trying to find room for everyone and compromising on what they can bring.  Use it for special occasions, or for everyday life—there’s space for both!

The VW Atlas V6 is Smart Device Ready

Navigation and entertainment are easy with the VW Atlas.  Everything is smart device compatible, so know that no matter which phone you carry, you’ll be able to connect to your car and use it for either phone calls, navigation, or music.  Anyone in your car is able to connect via Bluetooth, so there won’t be any fighting or distractions.  

The Atlas is a Very Safe SUV

The Atlas has  received impressive ratings when it comes to safety.  Big cars come with their own unique hazards, but the VW Atlas is not only a solid car, but it’s a safe car.  Rest easy when traveling with your family because they are secure and well-protected inside this vehicle.  

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Which 2018 Dodge Charger Models Get The Best Gas Mileage?

Are you looking to buy a new car that’s both attractive and fuel efficient? If so, the new Dodge Chargers are a great choice! The newest 2018 models are better than ever. Now offering a transmission like never before, the powerful 8-speed transmission goes great with a 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine. That can give you more than 290 horsepower and 30 mpg miles per gallon of gas. Which Charger is better when it comes to fuel efficiency?


Charger-6 cyl, 3.6 L, automatic transmission 8-speed gets 30 MPG for the highway and only 19 MPG for the city. That’s 23 combined mpg using regular gasoline.

Charger-6 cyl, 3.6L, 8 speed automatic transmission using E85 gasoline (15% gasoline and 85% ethanol and is made from grasses, corn and or sugarcane) only gets 14 mpg in the city and 22 MPG on the highway with a combined MPG of 17

Charger-8 cyl, 5.7 L, automatic 8-speed transmission is looking at getting only 16 MPG in the city and the highway is 25 MPG 19 MPG combined using Mid grade gas.

Charger-8 cyl, 6.4 L, automatic 8-speed transmission gets 15 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the highway with a combined MPG being only18 with Premium Gasoline

Charger SRT -8 cyl, 6.2 L,  8-speed automatic get 22 highway MPG and 13 city MPG that means there is only 16 MPG combined using Premium Gasoline

Charger SRT 6.4L gets 15 MPG in city and 25 MPG on the highway with 18 MPG combined using Premium Gasolinecar speedometer

Charger AWD- 6 cyl, 3.6 L, 8-speed Automatic transmission using regular gasoline gets 18 MPG in the city and the highway is only 27 MPG. Combined is only a 21 MPG.

Charger AWD– 6 cyl, 3.6 L using E85 gets 18 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway with a combined MPG being only 21.

We have compared the Dodge Charger to three different 2018 Chevrolet Camaro to see how fuel efficient it really is.

Camaro 3.6 L, 6 cyl, with an automatic transmission (S8) – regular gas get 19 MPG in the city, highway is 29MPG that’s a total of 23MPG combined

Camaro 6.2 L, 8 cyl, automatic transmission (S8) – with premium gasoline combined is 20MPG, city 17MPG and highway is only 27MPG

Camaro 6.2 L, 8 cyl, stander with a automatic transmission (S10), Supercharger- premium gasoline only. 21 MPG highway, 13 MPG city and the combined MPG is 15.

As you can see all of the 2018 Chargers are very fuel friendly. Compared to the Camaro the Charger is just as fuel saving.  You can get a Dodge Charger starting out for around $29,000, but you can also save money by choosing a used Dodge Charger for sale in Olympia. That’s not bad at all for a family sport car. Call Washington Auto Credit at (360) 529-0002 today for more information and don’t forget to schedule a test drive.

MPG are estimates and may be incorrect/vary depending on driver

Tips to Get the Best Gas Mileage With Your SUV

If you want to increase the gas mileage by burning less fuel from your SUV vehicle and also play a role in decreasing environmental pollution, here are a few tips for you –

  • Inflated Tires – Check the pressure in your tires. Less inflated tire can burn up a lot of fuel as its rolling resistance is high and it consumes a lot of engine power. Keep checking your tire pressure (once in a month) and do not inflate the tires more than what is shown on the tire sidewall as it is dangerous.
  • Wheel alignment – This can also help you save fuel. The more the resistance, the more fuel will be used up by the engine. Having your wheels directed straight will reduce the resistance while rolling. Having your vehicle positioned in an uneven way because your rear wheels are not aligned, will also create a lot of aerodynamic drag in side of the body and hence using up a lot of fuel.yosemite-2706155_1920
  • Remove additional equipment – Anything that creates a vehicle drag, will also create more resistance moving forward. Removing equipment such as windshield visor, running boards, etc, will help you save fuel. But, if you are to drive in mud or in gravel, it could be useful to have your running boards attached.
  • Turn off the engine when vehicle is at rest – Looking for improved fuel economy in your vehicle, turning off your engine when the vehicle is at rest will help you save some gas. Stuck in a traffic for around a minute? It will cost less fuel to turn the engine off and then to restart it, than to keep your machine on. In addition to this, don’t race against the traffic signal, speeding up and then coming to a sudden halt also consumes more fuel.
  • Check the spark plugs – High resistance in the plug wires can lead to misfiring spark plugs. It’s good to spend some bucks on the tune-up, if you have been driving quite for some time now! Occasional misfiring spark plugs can bring down the fuel economy of your vehicle, even though you won’t be able notice it. So, get it checked to keep save some money on the fuel consumption.
  • Check the heater performance–In order to get your engine warmed up quickly, you need to get a new thermostat (if your thermostat opens up quick, your engine will take a long time to get to the operating temperature). Bad heater performance reduces the rating of your fuel economy.

As fuel prices are soaring up high, not pulling out some tricks will force you to spend a lot on the fuel. So, stick on to these few tips and consider it to be a guide that will help you save a lot of MPG, so you can use the money elsewhere, so that your vehicle can give you the best performance while rolling, also giving you much comfort.

Find a Fuel Efficient SUV for Sale in Olympia

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Can I Buy a Ford Explorer or Ford Ecosport with Bad Credit?

Ford is a supremely trustworthy brand that makes awesome family vehicles.  Fords are known to be immensely durable, unbelievably comfortable and elegantly designed. From the overall performance to the attractive looks, the Explorer and Ecosport are a testimony to Ford’s ever increasing reach to its customers. Both of these vehicles are excellent options for all buyers, including those with less than perfect credit.

The Ford Explorer is a wondrous seven-passenger SUV which has all the luxuries and technologies which you would expect from a luxury SUV including amazing interiors, active cruise control that usually maintains a set distance behind the cars ahead and an automatic and modern lane-keeping alert system. The pricing for a Ford Explorer varies based on the year and options.

>>> View New and Used Ford Explorers For Sale in Olympia <<<


The driving and power dynamics of the Explorer are available in an eye-catching and ravishing design which boasts immense comfort and elegant style. Since it has been built for the modern pro active lives, you may expect some interior space for your kids, for your pets, the camping gear,  sports equipment, and almost everything which you might need on the ride to adventure.

The Explorer Has Unmatched Interior Design and Comfort

The Explorer is an epitome of comfort. The various comforts that it includes are:

  • A comfortable driver’s seat with the strong lumbar standard on the XLT.
  • Comfortably wrapped leather steering wheel.
  • A lovely heated steering wheel, which is standard on the Limited and Platinum range.
  • Illuminated scuff plates in the front available on the Sport and Platinum.
  • Cooled and heated comfortable front-row seats .
  • Safety belts for the second row.

From its smooth touch of real wood on its steering wheel to its jaw-dropping look, the amazing digital instrument cluster of the vehicle, the entire interior is truly beautiful and takes you by surprise with what it offers. The style coupled with comfort in the most beautiful Nirvana leather which has perforated as well as quilted seats is available in the Ebony and Ceramic. To take your ambitious adventures to the next level of luxury, you may simply slip behind the wonderful leather-wrapped wooden steering wheel and simply turn on the 500-watt magical audio system by Sony.®48  every feature in this model is absolutely luxurious and helps you have a really comfortable ride.

The standard feature on the Sport version includes an “Explorer” logo on its hood, with its unique and unconventional blackout arrangement on the rail and head lamps. Other amazing features include the dual exhaust integrated tips as well as the 20-inch aluminium wheels with attractively painted pockets. The Explorer is thus an epitome of style and comfort and is designed simply to please you with its luxury and power performance.

>>> Find A New or Used Ford EcoSports for Sale in Olympia <<<


Every cell of the beautiful Ford EcoSport has been designed to assist you to do and explore more with your vehicle. With the EcoSport, you may just roam anywhere and everywhere and can make the most of the busy city life. Powered with a bold and attractive new design, the EcoSport looks as if it is ever- ready to perform and is restless for action. The EcoSport makes the entire workload look easy and manageable, however it never makes you compromise with your comfort. The EcoSport adapts and behaves according to your daily life and makes your daily drive enjoyable and comfortable.

The brilliant EcoSport has a more powerful engine than its predecessors, which transforms every drive into an enjoyable experience. The 6 Automatic Speed Transmissions along with its Paddle Shift lets it change lanes quickly. All of this without taking away any comfort from you.

The EcoSport transforms your rides into an adventure which you will always remember. Its unique features always put fun on the rider’s side and its quality and performance, coupled with its style and durability is bang on. You get ample price value for this amazing product by this ever so trustworthy brand.

We Can Help You Buy an Explorer or Ecosport with Less Than Perfect Credit

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Best Dodge Family Cars to Buy in Olympia

The Dodge Brother, Horace and John Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Company in 1900. Initially it started up with selling bicycles and within two years they became one of the biggest suppliers of axles, transmissions and engines for the automotive industry. The history of Dodge has always been really successful since its initial days. After building cars for the Ford Motor Company, on 14th Nov 1914, they introduced their first car ‘Model 30’. By the end of 1914, around 249 cars were sold out. Thus the company decided on focusing the manufacturing department of automobiles. Today Dodge stands at number 7 in the US automobile sales charts. Search for your favorite Dodge car for sale in Olympia at Washington Auto Credit.

Family cars by Dodge:

Dodge Grand Caravan | Olympia, Washington


This model was introduced  in 1984, and has provided the most reliable performance for 2011_Dodge_Grand_Caravan_Crew_--_2011_DCmany families across the country. The Dodge Grand Caravan is equipped with some great features like three rows of seating, side curtain airbags, Swivel n Go seating, video screens, and power windows on the second and third row as well. The latest model of the Dodge Grand Caravan includes the My GIG entertainment system which enables to record and play music. This giant family car, gives a great look and comfort, proving to be best suited for all your family travel needs.

Dodge Journey | Olympia, Washington


This model is a perfect blend of an SUV and the minivan. The body is long as a minivan,however the edgier design is just as like an SUV. This vehicle gives maximum seating space and also can include integrated child seats. The best feature of this car is that the third row can be folded down for more space. Many safety features are introduced in this model like rollover sensor, traction control, rear back-up camera, etc. Dodge Journey is ranked to be the safest car by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This safety assurance makes Journey one of the favorites of family loves. Now you can get all set for a family tour and have a safe trip with Dodge Journey.

Dodge Durango | Olympia, Washington


Durango is again another model similar to an SUV. It has a longer body and is a muscular version of a minivan. The Durango was introduced in 1998. It has three rows of seating. It is one of the best cars for family outings. They are tough enough to be driven on rocky terrain, however, at the same time safe enough to give complete protection to your cargo in the back. The specialty of Durango is that it is a family car with very stylish and unique looks, hence can be used for your professional purposes as well.

Dodge Magnum | Olympia, Washington

Michelle and her 2010 Dodge MagnumThe Dodge Magnum was first introduced in 1970. After it was reintroduced in 2004, it was acquired as the family station wagon. However, Magnum does not look like a typical station wagon, rather it looks more like a stretched version of a Sedan. The Dodge Magnum can seat five members, however, if your family is small, there is a lot of space to keep your cargo and other luggage.

Dodge Caliber | Olympia, Washington

The Dodge caliber was introduced in 2012. It has been one of the very affordable models 92300B-2011-Dodge-Caliberof Dodge. It included many features like electronic stability control, side curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, etc. that gives the most stress free experience of safety travel with the family.

Find a Dodge for Sale in Olympia

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Is The Toyota Highlander XLE 2018 The Best SUV in Olympia?

The Toyota Highlander XLE 2018 is an amazing three-row-crossover SUV which enables the seating facility of as many as eight passengers. It is arguably Toyota’s official entry to the immensely competitive and ever so quickly-growing SUV section. It has a really versatile interior, a likeable safety record, and very strong V-6 engine which is really powerful.2717_toyota_highlander_hybrid_28mias_271729

We are extremely excited to offer to our trusted customers offer, the Toyota Highlander XLE (2018 version). The remarkable SUV is extremely versatility, is very stylish and provides excellent comfort. Getting all the above mentioned things in a vehicle in this range is quite difficult. The high class performance, the supreme quality and the amazing refinement in the new Toyota Highlander makes it way better than any other vehicle of its kind. The smooth feeling of AWD in the amazing Toyota Highlander is unearthly. It gives a unique balance of managing control and power in almost all driving conditions. There is absolutely no reason why you must not buy the beautiful Toyota Highlander XLE (2018 version). For its price and quality, it is almost too good to be true.

With the amazing 2018 Highlander, Toyota has taken SUVs to a different level altogether —. The popular crossover from the 2017 version is still available in several trim levels: LE, XLE, Limited, LE Plus, Limited Platinum and SE. Many of these may be ordered with strong electric powertrain of a hybrid gasoline.

Toyota enables this wonderful Highlander with a few of the most sophisticated and advanced safety technologies within its class. All the classic models of Toyota have amazing emergency braking facilities with the pedestrian detection, the lane keeping assist, the remarkable adaptive cruise control and the automatic headlights. All this should be enough to equate with an A grade Safety Pick assent from the prestigious IIHS as well as five star ratings overall from the federal testers.

The Highlander’s crisp and razor-sharp frontal side is one of its most attractive features. It looks something like a royal pyramid made from the razors; its snout protrudes out just enough to give it an unconventional charm; however that might not look good to all. The rest of this hunky Highlander is genuinely muscular and is shaped like a mini-Land Cruiser.

The Highlander has a Three-zone climate control feature which is automatic it has an amazing air filter, a spacious separate-row controlling panel, a separate temperature controller for the driver, the front passenger as well as the rear-seat passengers along with the other two row vents.

A humble 4.2-inch Multi-info Display LCD is available in the meter cluster along with the odometer, the average fuel economy, the ECO driving indicator as well as the cruising range. The Highlander has leather-trimmed frontal seat as well as the second-row seats. There is an 8-way power-controllable driver’s seat –which includes strong thigh support and the second-row has captain’s chairs with a side table.

The Highlander also has soft-touch for the upper door along with a metallic accent, trimmed door for the armrest region with beautiful satin – decorated interior handles of the door.

There is also an intelligent key system in the front doors with the Push Button for start as well as remote keyless modern entry system with beautiful illuminated entry.


  • Extremely comfortable and luxurious interior.
  • The hybrid provided here is extremely thrifty.
  • It provides high quality ride and is smooth as butter.


  • It has polarized styling.
  • The space is limited behind the third row.

This amazing Highlander is a unique car-based crossover which is aimed at being perfect for the various snow-covered parking lots. Almost everything about the Highlander XLE is just perfect. It really gives you great value for money.

Based entirely on the amazing condition of the charming vehicle, coupled with the options available and the colour, the versatile Toyota Highlander XLE surely will sell like brownies. We are looking forward to hearing from you or getting a visit from you soon! Do call us if you need any information.

Buy a 2018 Highlander XLE near Olympia

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Why Buying A Ford Focus SE Hatchback near Tacoma Is A Good Idea

Though many people prefer sedans to hatchbacks, they’d change their mind soon enough, when they take a look at the Ford Focus SE Hatchback, which is the last word in quality, reliability and compactness.

The Ford Focus is available as a sedan, a hatchback and an electric version and the washington auto credit inventoryreason why people switch over from a sedan to a hatchback is because it’s a small car with a large boot that you can access from your seat within the car. The boot can be opened by a small door at the back of the vehicle.

Hatchbacks generally have a higher roofline and that’s why it’s able to haul heavy and bulky items with ease. SE’s flexibility to carry a mix of cargo and people comes in handy when there are loads to be towed. With more headroom, passengers in the rear will be glad of that extra space above their heads.

Although sedans are popular, the last decade or so has seen many cross overs to hatchbacks, which appear to be so much more utilitarian and practical when compared to sedans.

The 2017 Ford Focus is available in four main trim levels- S, SE, SEL and Titanium. In addition there’s Focus Electric, Performance Focus ST and Focus RS. The last three are offered only as a Hatchback.2010_ford_focus_28lv29_xr5_turbo_5-door_hatchback_282148367106629

Ford Focus SE is the base trim level for the hatchback and in addition to the standard S equipment, there are a number of optional packages that are available for this model. The SE EcoBoost Appearance package gives Ford Focus SE solidity and sophistication. It makes for good driving at high speeds, thanks to the three-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Focus SE Hatchback’s Cold Weather package ensures that you stay warm in winter with heated front seats, all-weather floor mats, heated steering wheel and even heated outside mirrors.

SE is a great option when you have to lug around a lot of stuff- all you have to do is push the rear seats down when you’re hauling large items. This model is very versatile and comes equipped with antilock brakes, stability and traction control, airbags and an emergency crash notification system that dials 911 automatically. If it’s correctly paired with a suitable cell phone.

New and Pre-Owned Ford Focus SE’s Are Both Great Choices

Considered to be one of the most comfortable compact cars to drive on the highway, the Ford Focus SE is easy and enjoyable to handle. It gives a smooth ride even over bumpy roads, handles corners well and augurs for a comfortable ride. Though it’s not classy or luxurious, the cabin is neat and tidy with controls laid in a logical and simple manner. The materials are of good quality.

The Ford Focus SE appears to be built for practicality and has a larger boot space than sedans or other larger cars. Parking is easier and its fuel economy is undoubtedly better than that of many other cars- you can drive longer on a tank of fuel. It has a better resale value that many other cars cannot match.

Test Drive a Ford Focus near Tacoma Today

With its sleek look, short rear and expansive interiors, buying a Ford Focus SE Hatchback is definitely a good idea. If you’d like to learn more about financing a new or used Ford Focus SE near Tacoma, contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002

Some details may be outdated or incorrect, please contact dealer for information.

Cheapest Jeeps Near Olympia

Like the Jeep, but want one that’s affordable? Every year, Jeep releases new models that are not all expensive and actually even up to used cars who fall around the $20,000. It is not of the highest end version with the expandable amenities, but what is has and the value it brings may be more important, especially if you are a driver who just needs to get around. Here are the newly affordable Jeeps of this past year.

Jeep Compass SportU92700-2014-Jeep-Compass

The Compass was created during (unfortunately) the massive recession, bringing the end of Chrysler and Dodge. The Compass was still selling well, but it is the end after this year with a new version next year, brand spanking new and finally fully with the times. So, while the new version is to be released and is expected to be expensive, look to this year’s Compass, which is still good and affordable – especially that it should be even more discounted. It looks great on the street with all-roadhandling, a 2.4-liter/180 horsepower engine, and a six-speed manual or nine-speed auto transmission. The Compass can be tailored fit with the Trailhawk trim to help with any off-road driving. The U-Connect infotainment for Apple or Android are other helpful amenities that can be installed.

Jeep Patriot Sport


This is the Patriot’s last stand as Jeep with be dumping the Patriots and merge it with the Compass for a striking new crossover in 2018. Still, the new 2017 Patriot is worth a look and buy with its five-speed manual, six-speed auto gears, or CVT. Choose between a158-horsepower and 2.0-liter or the 172-horsepower and 2.4-liter, both of them on four cylinders. All versions have front wheel drive, but the option of all-wheel is possible. U-Connect infotainment system plus satellite radio is installed to counter the box construction that some may found annoying but a reminder of the classical Jeep past.

Jeep Renegade Sport

yellow jeep renegade

With the crossover genre of cars, the Jeep Renegade is the company’s vision of a vehicle being very affordable but ideally likable. It has the classic Jeep style with traditional slatted front grille and big headlights, albeit smaller than the original Jeep size. It has a 160-horsepower turbo engine with a six-gear manual shift, but for extra, one can get the 180-horsepower version with a nine-gear on automatic. It comes with front-wheel drive, but the all-wheel drive can be chosen. There is also the U-Connect infotainment system for Apple and Android usage. So, even with the additional feature that would bump the price to around $20,000, it’s still a car for a good value.

Find a New or Used Jeep Near Olympia


If you are interested in new or used Jeep for sale near Olympia, contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today! We are experts at getting financing for buyers from all different backgrounds and credit situations. Call now to learn more  (360) 529-0002

Some details may be incorrect or outdated, contact dealer for Jeep pricing information

What is the Nicest Ford Escape Model?

There has been a lot of discussion about classifying the Ford Escape- whether it was a compact crossover or a compact SUV. Reviews let the two descriptions merge into each other and used the terms interchangeably. The 2017 Ford Escape is essentially a compact cargo mover and is much more affordable than other SUVs.

There are three main trim levels available- the Ford Escape S, the Escape SE and the Escape Titanium with three different engines. The best part is that each of the models build on the other with different optional features for the asking. The 2017 Front Escape looks sleeker and more attractive than its 2016 predecessor and its interiors have been revamped to give it an entirely new look.ford_escape

Let’s see what each of the models have to offer.

The most basic model is the Ford Escape S

This one comes with a 168-horsepower engine and although it’s a base model, it still comes with lots of features like Bluetooth connectivity, steering-wheel audio controls, cruise control, power windows and mirrors, an audio and rearview camera system and even air-conditioning.  The exterior includes LED taillights, automatic headlights, and 17-inch steel wheels. This is a great model for the driver who wants an excellent value and doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. 

The nicest Ford Escape model is the Ford Escape Titanium (and the SE is a close runner up)

Both the Escape SE and the Escape Titanium have a powerful EcoBoost engine, which is a grade above the Escape’s base model. These models can maximize fuel economy, account for lesser emissions and get more power than in other cars. Modern tech features, impressive safety features, spacious interiors augurs high performance and better handling. The infotainment system is standard in Titanium but optional on Escape SE.

Both are stylish to look at, have dual-zone automatic temperature control, instrument panels and lighting but Titanium jumps over Escape SE when it comes to its leather-trimmed seats and leather- wrapped steering wheel.

If SE’s EcoBoost engine and its optional 4WD system are attractive, then Escape Titanium’s technology features and sophisticated leather interior are equally compelling. All the models come with 6-speed automatic transmission with the option to shift over to manual, have generous cargo capacity, supportive seats,give good gas mileage, infotainment systems and roomy interiors. Ford Escape models use torque vectoring to control and keep the vehicle’s stable, while advanced technology allows for improved cornering and combating slick road conditions.


For those looking for a versatile, comfortable and easy vehicle that’s affordable and also capable of towing, Ford Escape models fit the bill.

When you’re considering your vehicle buying options, price, capability, and features are what you’d normally look at. Price is an important factor and the base model is obviously the cheapest. As the number of features increase, the price tag also moves up accordingly.

For power hungry drivers, the engine is important and the EcoBoost that comes on the SE and Titanium are good options, however, if power is not a factor, then Ford Escape S might just be right for you.

So the nicest Ford Escape Model will be determined by your personal needs and budget. You can’t adopt a one-size-fits all approach. To learn more about a new or used Ford Escape near Olympia, contact the team at Washington Auto Credit now! Call  (360) 529-0002

Best Volkswagen Vehicles for Under $25k in Olympia

It’s a dream wish of everyone to own a Volkswagen. Even the sight of the ‘Wonder Car’ fills your heart will all the love and tenderness that you can ever gather. Putting your hands on and grabbing one is a task in itself. The very mention of buying a Volkswagen and all that flashes in front of your eyes are the countless shifts at work, overtimes and night duties and then comes the mighty full-stop to the very option of buying the car leaving you totally drained of the love and an aura gloom takes you into its firm grip. Nevertheless, never lose hope!

Presenting to you the top models of the so-called ‘Wonder Car’ Volkswagen under the price range of $25K because it’s never too late to treat yourself with one:

  1. Volkswagen Golf TDI DSG Automatic 5-Door Base 

The Volkswagen Golf was Germany’s solution to the Honda CVCC and OPEC back during 91502-2015-Volkswagen-Golftime of long gone oil debacle. Being the handsome heir to the original hippy Beetle, the Golf will leave you all in apprehension of being heir to the Rabbit. In case you even try considering the same, go get some air and fix the rabbit ears on the signal receiver. Forget totally about its unkempt and thrifty predecessors! If still not so, a short act at the wheel of the Volkswagen Golf in Olympia will make you do so. The compact passenger car clocks in at 7.8 seconds in the run to 60 mph. Well equipped with dual-clutch automatic transmission, the DSG-equipped diesel cuts down by half a second in time from its manually shifted brother.

  1. Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen 2013

Just like its partner Volkswagen Golf, the SportWagen employs European blueprint in addition to having a more refined suspension and a top-notch and first-rate interior. The SportWagen also stands apart in the crowd because of the fact that it is one of the only true station wagon making us all go –‘wow’ and still marking its presence in the market. Because the station wagons have lower center of gravity, the Jetta handles better than the crossovers. All grateful to the handy hatchback cargo area, they also can haul just as much. The SportWagen TDI variant comes best with superior fuel economy in addition to satisfying acceleration.

  1. Volkswagen Passat 2013 U92565-2014-Volkswagen-Passat

Volkswagen’s Jetta styled American special is the Passat but no need to worry, we are totally satiated. Volkswagen tried to build a perfect Sedan for families keeping in mind American driver’s needs and requirements. The extremely elegant, stylish, snugly and marvellously roomy model is what the Volkswagen put forward. And we are totally in awe of it! Although even less than $21,000, going for diesel TDI version is a thumbs-up for one and all. Aside from a fuel economy of 50 mpg, the Volkswagen Passat’s diesel torque smoothly gets the vehicle moving from a spot. Moreover, you’re entitled to select from a wide variety of variants which cater to various desires and wants of the customer.

  1. Volkswagen GTI 2017 

Due to its quick handling and bouncy acceleration, Volkswagen GTI fails no chance to tops the priority list of compact cars. The high-class interiors, cozy seating and impeccable cargo capacity are what make the Volkswagen GTI a must-have. Even the crash test results are wonderful. The critics also mention that compared to rival’s offerings, it also has a small infotainment screen.

  1. Volkswagen Tiguan 2018 

The big and tall Tiguan is one of the ultimate entries in the compact-crossover segment. Although priced a little above $25,000, the Tig has all the features for sprinkling an element of envy amongst its competitors, used Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV-4 and the Nissan Rogue. It’s utterly surprising to get a third-row of seats in this price range in addition to the Tig’s strong suit of packaging. What’s more pleasing are the nicely creased and squared-off looks with an ultimately classy design. The interiors are definitely a wow! The upscale dashboard, HVAC and audio controls and crisp 8.0 inch touchscreen are features that sure cannot be missed.Salesman giving credit card

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