What is the Best Ford SUV?

If you have a long drive coming ahead, whether it’s for a faraway business conference or a family vacation, you’re probably looking at a Ford SUV to get you there and back safely. Even if you’re a person who enjoys taking long and frequent road trips, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for something to get you through those long drives, then the 2017 Ford Edge may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The 2017 Ford Edge is one of the brand’s biggest hits regarding SUV’s. Everything about this SUV demonstrates its capability and reliability, no matter where you have to go or for how long. With the 2017 Ford Edge, you’re promised a smooth and safe ride to ensure not only your safety, but the safety of others on the road and in the car.

The Ford Edge is able to tow up to 3500 pounds of weight. While many cars may have a harder time carrying the bags and suitcases you’ll pack for your long trip, you don’t have to worry about that with the Ford Edge. It’ll carry you, your passengers, and your luggage with no trouble or risk of overheating.

In regards to your safety, the Ford Edge has ranked with top-tiered results in nearly every test. The vehicle is equipped with plenty of safety measures; for example, an airbag is mounted in the glovebox so that the passenger’s knees are protected if an accident occurs. The car also has LED headlights and parking assistance to ensure the best possible circumstances so that you, your passengers, and your family have the opportunity to get to your destination – and back – safely.

The main complaint about the Ford Edge resides in both the lack of seats and the short amount of space for the passengers in the second row of seating. While this may be annoying, especially if your passengers have long legs, everything else about the Ford Edge makes it the ideal car for long car rides.

Overall, the 2017 Ford Edge fairs better than most SUVs in regards to performance. It has two hundred and forty-five horsepower, along with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4. For those who don’t know what that means, the 2.0-liter inline-4 is an extremely popular and respected engine. Not only this, but all of the Ford Edge engines happen to be 6-speed automatics.

If you’re looking for an SUV that will fare well under long drives then you’re in the right place because the 2017 Ford SUV is the best on the market for those of you who enjoy trips and vacations. If you don’t mind the missing third row and less space for your feet in the second row, then head on over to the dealership to find the best Ford Edge for your needs.

There are multiple trim levels of the Edge including the Edge SE, SEL, Titanium, and Sport. To learn more about a Ford Edge for sale in Olympia, give the team at Washington Auto Credit a call today at (800) 836-8884

Great Driving Tips for First Time Car Buyers

When it comes to driving, even those with the most experience could benefit from reviewing the basic principles. After analyzing the basic driving tips they will become a part of your driving routine, and will occur without you even having to think about it. As a new driver there are lots of things that you need to know and consider when on the road. The first beginning with an understanding of some basic mechanics of your car, and the insurance policy. If you need to buy a car, you will also need car financing for first time buyer. Here are a few tips for those new drivers.

Know your carfast driving on highway

Make sure that you are familiar with some of the simple mechanics of the vehicle, especially if it is one you are not used to driving with. Know where the key controls are such as your turning signals, and verify that your lights are working on both sides. Brake lights are very important when driving, and can cause danger to yourselves, and others if not working. You also are far more likely to be pulled over if your lights are not in correct order. In case you do get pulled over, have all your information in the glove compartment of the car, or another safe place to store it.

Keep your hands on the wheel at all times

Though it may seem to be an obvious tip, there are many people out there who do not follow it. Before you even exit your driveway you must first situate yourself. Do this by adjusting your mirrors, seats and anything else that is necessary before leaving. By doing this it will keep your focus while you’re driving so you will not be distracted with having to fix these things on the road.

Emergency prep

A must have for every driver is an emergency prep kit that is stocked with the tools needed in case of a sudden unexpected mishap. Keep a small tool box along with a spare tire in the back of your car so that you are able to solve a simple problem such as a flat tire with ease, and without having to wait for assistance. Also a jug of gas for a quick refill, in case there are no nearby stations for a quick fill.

car speedometerLet the radio be

A common practice that people do when driving, is playing their favorite songs or station while driving. While this can help pass the time it can very dangerous. Leaning over to change the station, while even for a second can take your eyes off the road causing a collision. It only takes a moment for you to get distracted while driving, resulting in a devastating event.

Turn your phone off

In today’s society many individuals are engaged in communication through text messaging, calls, emails and a plethora of social media networks. While great for connecting with others, can pose a serious problem when driving. As stated before, it only takes a moment to be distracted for an accident to occur. Studies have shown that driving while simultaneously trying to text, is the equivalent of drunk driving. So keep yourself and others safe by turning off your phone.

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Keep Your Car Clean With These 4 Easy Tips

If you use your car every day, you’ll notice that garbage and dirt can quickly accumulate and make it embarrassing to have company ride with you. Of course you can take it to get a professional detail, but this takes time to schedule and can cost a lot of money. Thankfully, with these easy tips you’ll keep your car cleaner without dishing out a bunch of cash.

Don’t Eat in Your Car

The fact of the matter is that eating tends to be messy, and since you usually only eat in the car if you’re in a rush, the other fact of the matter is that most of us don’t clean up after ourselvesman eating and getting stain on tie very often. If you eat in your car, it’s practically guaranteed that there will be wrappers, stains, and crumbs, and that’s just more of a mess to clean because you’ll never actually feel like doing it.

Knock Your Shoes/Boots before Entering

If you live in a place that has rain, slush, or mud very frequently (like Olympia!) it’s hard to avoid getting your flooring dirty. However, you can at least make sure that as little of it gets into your car as possible, by simply knocking your footwear before stepping into the vehicle. Just sit in the seat real quick and kick your boots together and bam, you’re already diminishing the amount of dirt that gets in your car. Another option is to buy all weather floor mats that are made of rubber. These are easy to take out and wash off, keeping your flooring clean and stain free.

Clean up Spills as soon as they Happen

What’s worse than a spill? A spill that stains. The longer it takes you to clean up a mess after you make it, the longer it will take to get it out later, if you can even get it out at all. Not to mention the fact that it could make your car smell significantly worse depending on what it is you spill. Either way, it’s definitely in your best interests to just clean up the messes you make as soon as you make them. It’s a lot less long run hassle. Keep wet wipes or paper towels and bottled water in your car so you can clean up a spill right after it happens. A lot of the time water will clean up your spill if you catch it early enough.

Car garageUse a Garage

This one may seem obvious, but the garage is what keeps a car mostly safe from the elements. Why risk something bad happening in regards to wind, rain, or worse if you could avoid all of that entirely? A garage, if you have one, was literally designed for the sole purpose of keeping your car safe. Not using it is really just asking for trouble, and you won’t be able to blame anyone but yourself if something happens.

In the end, keeping your car clean can be a major pain, but it can also be pretty simple if you take some preventative measures. Just make things as simple as they can be and you won’t have to clean up as much as you normally would.

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How to get the most miles out of your car tires

When it comes to your hard earned money, the last thing you want to do is to continuously have to buy new tires because yours have worn out. Luckily there are different ways to extend duration of your tires, and ultimately last a lot longer. Here are a few tips to help you lengthen the lifespan of your tires.

Inflation Maintenance

Ensuring that your tires are constantly filled with air is a crucial part to putting a stop to having to change them regularly. If it is not inflated properly then it will wind up wearing out unevenly which will result in them having to get switched out sooner.Car with a lot of tread on tires

Winter tires 

Making the decision to purchase winter tires now will cost a bit more in the beginning, so don’t be surprised when the cost adds up to around one-hundred dollars per tire. This may seem a big steep at first, but it beats buying tires at a regular price multiple times because they cannot last.  It may be a bit extreme but in the long run it will actually end up saving you money. Why buy cheap tires over and over when you can buy a solid set that end up lasting a lot longer? Since these tires are specially designed to take on grueling conditions, they are going to last a lot longer under normal weather.

Rotate your tires

Another sure fire way to help your tires last is to rotate them often. Your car is most likely front wheel drive, meaning that the tires in the front will take more of a beating than those in the back. If rotation doesn’t take place every 10,000 miles they will wear out a lot faster. Keeping a log of when you last rotated your tires can help you to keep track of when the next rotation should be.

Air pressure

Always pay close attention to your air pressure. The effects of negligence can be quite damaging to your tires. You can low profile tire with right amount of air pressureinherit lower miles per and in a worst case scenario your tire can even end up blowing out which no one ever wants. So make sure to check your tire pressure regularly.

Pick the right tire place

Choosing who you get your tires from is a very important step to increasing your tires lifespan. I-5 Cars Auto Group offers great discounts and convenient perks. 

Neglecting the maintenance of your tires will wear them out very quickly. It is useful to always keep up with your tire care to prevent you from shelling out your money, and wondering why your tires do not last very long. Utilizing these tips will help keep your tires from suffering from the wear and tear of constant daily use. So instead of pouring your money into new tires regularly you are free to use it towards other purposes in your life.

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What Can You Do To Get Better Gas Mileage Out Of Your Car?

As we all know, vehicles are a very important part of our lives. Their ability to get us to our destination is unmatched by nearly any other machine, but unfortunately, cars don’t run on convenience and wishful thinking. They need fuel, and fuel costs money, generally in substantial amounts. Thankfully there are ways you can reduce the amount of gas you have to buy in the future regardless of what kind of car your drive, mostly through simply following a handful of good driving tips.

Reduce the weight of your vehicle if possible. While the extra weight of heavy items in a car may only affect its fuel economy by one or two percent, that’s one or two percent of gas you could be saving, especially in stop and go traffic. If there’s anything relatively heavy in your vehicle that you don’t really need to have there, go ahead and find somewhere else for it.filling up at gas pump

By extension of the previous tip, you can actually get better gas mileage by driving around with less fuel in your tank. It may sound surprising at first, but just ten gallons of gas weighs around sixty pounds. That’s a decent amount of weight, and as mentioned previously, does have some small effect on your gas mileage particularly in stop and go traffic.

Did you know your air conditioner even affects gas mileage to a small extent? Some people are unaware of how the air conditioner actually works, but it relies on the engine to function properly. While this matters little at highway speeds, in stop and go traffic you are simply demanding more of your engine, however slight, and higher demand means more gas consumption.

Reduce wind resistance. The harder your car has to work to move forward, the more fuel it will consume. That means reducing wind drag however you can for some better gas mileage, and it’s not all that hard to do so. For one, you can avoid buying big tires. Less surface space means less space for the wind to push against. Furthermore, if you are on the highway, don’t roll down your windows. Having your windows down greatly reduces the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle and causes a lot of extra drag, which pushes your engine fast driving on highwayharder and makes you use more fuel.

Finally, avoid aggressive driving, and learn to drive without the uncompromising use of the gas pedal! Studies show that more aggressive driving tactics consumes more fuel, most likely because aggressive maneuvers require more of the gas pedal. Every time you press that thing you are feeding gas to the engine, which is wasteful if it is not necessary. Learn to cover some distance without the gas pedal. Coast to a stop at red lights, let gravity do the work for you downhill, and avoid excessive speeding (you have to pump in a lot of gas to get the car up to speed). While this tips are small, they are nevertheless helpful when it comes to reducing your gas consumption on the road.

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How to pick the right SUV when car shopping

If you’re out looking for a new vehicle, and you know you want an SUV, you may find that it is more difficult to get exactly what you are looking for, because you may not even know what it is you truly want. We all go car shopping with some vague expectations, but rarely do we stop to consider how those expectations can best be met. If you haven’t found the perfect SUV just yet and you still want to get your hands on one, these are some things to consider to find the right SUV for you.
The first thing you need to do is identify what it is you want out of an SUV. Do you want one simply because you like the way SUVs look? Do you need one to better suit your needs as a driver, or as a parent? If you want an SUV for personal preference alone, finding the right one is as simple as deciding which aesthetic design you like the most. On the otwhite ford explorerher hand, choosing an SUV for practical reasons can be more difficult, because you must then ask yourself more questions.

The Ford Explorer is an excellent SUV choice if aesthetics are of top importance to you.

Among these is the basic functions of every vehicle, but particularly the things SUVs are designed to provide in greater supply. For instance, how much space do you need? Are you looking for an SUV to transport passengers, or cargo? Depending on your answer, you’ll need to look at SUVs that have different amounts of seating space of cargo space, and you’ll be able to narrow down your choices.

The Toyota Sequoia is one of the most spacious SUVs on the market.

toyota sequoia
Do you want an SUV with a kick when it moves like the V8 Toyota Sequoia, or something fuel efficient like the Rav4? While one option is more practical and the other is of a personal nature, this is often a differential factor in varying models and can help you eliminate the SUVs that don’t meet your desires from your list of choices.

If fuel efficiency is a big deal to you, choose the Toyota Rav4 or Ford Escape.

The best tip of all for finding the right SUV when car shopping is simply to answer all of the important questions before you ever actually begin. You have to decide what is most important to you in a car, or if there are two things that you want but they cannot both be acquired in one vehicle, you must decide on which one is more important than the other. After all, if you answer these questions and decide on these things, it is a simple matter to cross off SUVs that don’t meet the criteria you have set for yourself.
The key is simply being clear on what you want in a vehicle, and what you want more than some other feature. As long as you are clear on those, you can examine any SUV you like and easily decide whether or not it should be a candidate for your personal vehicle. Other than that, all you have to do is shop at Washington Auto Credit to get a great deal and to get an easy auto loan in Olympia.

Tips for Removing Different Types of Stains From Your Car Seats and Interior

So you love your car and take it everywhere with you and you try to keep it as clean as possible. I know I do with bi-weekly car washes, more if there is bad weather like snow and salt. But then you are getting in with your coffee and BAM, you spill it all over your seats, or your loving child in the back decides to throw their sippy cup with milk and it explodes, and no one wants old milk in their seats because that turns rancid real quick. Or you have little ‘artists’ who draw on everything, including where they are sitting. It’s a hassle but you know that having a clean interior means it smells better, and a better resale value when you do want to trade it in for a newer model (when the kids are older and they don’t need to be in there).

So how do you keep it clean? How do you get those annoying stains out that just stare at you day in and day out?  Here’s some tips that can help.

Start Small With Baby Wipes

Don’t laugh; baby wipes are literally for everything. As a parent I use them for everything from cleaning my dashboard every once in a while, to wiping down the doors and such in order to keep them kind of clean in between my actual cleaning. But they can also be good for cleaning any kinds of stain. You can rub them on the stain, or even as I generally do, lay them flat on the stain with something heavier on top of it for a bit, let the stain literalluse vinegar for car seat stainsy soak into the wipe from the pressure. Then take a clean one and wipe them down afterwards. If that doesn’t completely work, move on to something else.

Baking Soda & Vinegar Mixture

This is a bit more of a process. Make a paste of ¼ cup baking soda and warm water. Then also make a spray bottle with warm water, some dish detergent (I’m a fan of blue Dawn), and ¼ cup white vinegar.  Take both the paste and the bottle to the car.  Using a toothbrush, brush the baking soda paste on the stains and leave it there for 30 minutes then blot them with a dry towel getting up as much liquid as possible. Next spray the vinegar mixture and spray everything then brush it in with a stiff brush. Leave for 15 minutes then blot as dry as you can with another dry clean towel.  Open the windows and the sunroof and air it out (preferably all day or if you have a garage, overnight), until the smell is gone and you should have clean seats.

Hair Spray or Window Cleaner

You’d be surprised the things you can use to clean.  For ink stains you can spray hair spray on the ink (after testing a small area just in case it affects the color), let it soak in for a few minutes, wipe off and repeat until the stain is gone. Window cleaner does a good job of getting a lot of different types of stains out as well. Spray with the cleaner (again test the surface first) leave for 5 minutes, and blot clean.

Invest in a Carpet Cleaner with a Hose/Hand Attachment

I’m very serious about this one. I use my carpet cleaner all the time in my cars. I have a child, a dog, and I drink coffee and can be clumsy. So I bought it for the home. However, I use it when I need to refresh the seats as well as when they have stains. They have sprays that you can spray first and let sit and then use the cleaner to scrub and get the water and dirt sucked up. It works for everything. The onlvacuum cleaner for cary thing I don’t use it on is the car seat but that’s a whole other story.

Prevent Stains or Clean Them Up Relatively Quickly

Of course I had to add that when you are trying to clean it, you’ll want to try and prevent staining in the future.  Vacuum regularly, don’t smoke in the car, wash down leather with water and a little bit of soap and then condition them regularly and take it to get detailed every once in awhile. If you do spill something, clean it up immediately or soon after that so that it doesn’t stain. The quicker you take care of it, the less it will stain, the less scrubbing you’ll have in the future.

Keeping a car clean can be hard work. I try very hard, but it’s all about prevention and taking care of the issues when they first happen. Of course if you buy used you’ll want to go ahead and do all this to your new to you car so that it looks, smells, and feels brand new inside.  

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What To Do If You Are Involved In A Hit And Run Accident

Getting in a car accident while on the road is tragic enough, but being involved in a hit and run accident can by far make matters even worse. You collide with another car, you’re either injured or at the very least in shock, and the next thing you see is the other driver pulling out and speeding away from the scene. You feel confused and angry, and you have no idea what to do. The DMV website offers several very helpful tips concerning what to do when involved in this horrible kind of car accident.

What to Do First:
First off, the DMV classifies a hit and run car accident as a car that hits you and drives away, or a car hits your car while you are not there to see, so you don’t actually have to be driving for an accident to be considered a hit and run. The first thing you should do, is do your best to calm down and try to collect as much information as possible about the other car and driver. It should be fairly easy to detect the make and/or model, but if you can try to get the other driver’s plate numbers. This will help you immensely when calling the police and filing a report about the accident. You should also tpolice car accidentry and see if there are any witnesses to the accident around and get their contact information. Before you leave it is very important that you take pictures of your car and the scene of the accident.

What to do if You Were Not Present When it Happened:
If the accident happened when your car was parked somewhere and you were not around, getting witnesses and information about the other car is pretty slim to none. The best thing for you to do is make sure you write down the exact location of the accident, how much damage occurred, and a rough time analysis of when it could have happened. It’s always helpful to look for any paint from the other car that may have scratched off on your vehicle, because it is very common for people to purposely wreck their cars and commit insurance fraud, so you want to be able to prove that you are telling the truth and not trying to commit insurance fraud.

Calling the Police:
When involved in this kind of car accident, sometimes you can be so angry that you want to chase the other car and confront them, but it is important that you don’t do that, because that will cause another accident from the reckless driving. Because of that the best thing for you to do once you have calmed down and collect all of the possible information that you have, is to call the police and file a report on the accident. Make sure that you call them as soon as possible, and give them all of the information that you have, and don’t forget to include the witnesses and any important detail that you can think of in the report. You have to remember that the police may not find the person who hit you, but any information you have will at least help speed along the insurance process and get your car fixed faster.

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Tips for Driving a Stick Shift

If you have never driven stick it can be extremely daunting. There are three pedals instead of two and you can’t just rest your hand on the gear shifter, you actually have to use it. And then you have to know the sweet spot and how your car reacts to the clutch pedal. Plus if you like to drink coffee while driving, you’ll have to time it in between shifting which adds an additional level of difficulty. Even with the learning curve, there are some advantages to driving a stick shift, and learning It just takes practice.

Tips for First Time Drivers

Ride as a passenger first, because then you can see what the difference is between driving an automatic. And that should essentially be your first task, learning how to drive and becoming experienced with the roads, and your actions. The more experienced driver you are the easier it is to focus on something else. How are you going to focus on shifting gears when you don’t even yet know how to merge?

If you aren’t sure whecar speedometerther to shift or not, always shift up, and if you feel the car fighting with you, you can always shift down. It’s much more preferable for the car however to be in a higher gear and have to downshift, than being in a lower gear and revving the engine. It’s also something you can hear, so get used to listening to the car in the beginning.

Don’t forget to put your car in gear when parked on a hill and turn the wheels (and engage the parking brake). Unlike automatic transmissions which must be in park to take the key out, you can take the key out in neutral in a manual. This means, if you are on a hill and leave it in neutral, you are likely to get out and find you are at the bottom of the street amidst an accident because the car rolled. It’s happened more times than not so just remember and be aware of your surroundings.  

Why Getting A Manual and Knowing How to Drive it is a Good Idea

Because it’s cool, that’s why. Not enough of a reason? Well, another reason is that in most cacool guy driving carses you can get a manual version of a car for cheaper than an automatic, generally because in the U.S. only roughly 4% of people buy them. But there are fanatics that swear by driving a manual over an automatic because they like having the control. Another reason to buy a manual is for gas milage. In many cases, manual vehicles get better MPG than their automatic counterpart. Other countries are more in tune with their use of manual and it’s more accepted and used than automatic. So if you are a traveler, it might be nice to know how to drive one.

All in all, knowing how to drive a manual is about having multiple skills. Being able to drive anything that comes your way is absolutely essential to life. And it’s exciting, because if ever you want to own yourself a fancy sports car, manual is always the way to go on those. Dream big and learn a new skill, it can only benefit your life.

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Our Top 3 Small SUV Options

When choosing a small SUV, you want something fuel efficient, safe, and fun to drive. For all of those reasons we’d recommend new or used versions of the Ford Escape, Toyota Rav4 and Volkswagen Tiguan. Here are some of the reasons why these SUVs top our list.

Great performance packed in a small packagered toyota rav4

The Ford Escape and Volkswagen Tiguan both have 4WD technology making them great for driving in the snow. The Toyota RAV4 can be purchased in all wheel drive, also making it a worthy winter SUV.  Each of the makes come in different models with different engine sizes to fit with the drivers needs. Another thing all three of these SUVs share is excellent fuel economy. Gone are the days of only getting in the “teens” in MPG, you can expect to get in the twenties or even thirties with any of these SUVs!

Safety for you and your family

All high ranking in safety, any of these SUVs are a great choice for you and your family. Each of these top 3 small SUV’s have overlapping safety features. The newest versions include lane keeping technology, active parking systems, cruise control and collision warning systems. They have received high marks in recent crash tests. 

blue ford escapeBest looking SUV exteriors

All three demonstrate up to date styling that incorporates their respective brand’s ethos, look and feel developed over decades.  However, there is a precision and compactness to these three brands that feels new and allows them to stand out and to compete in the crowded small SUV market. If you like the classic german styling, the Tiguan is a great choice. Both the Rav4 and Escape share some similar exterior looks with aggressive styling and defined lines.

Comfortable and high tech interiors

For this class of small SUV each of the three make luxury driving possible with their available features including heated seats, navigation, Bluetooth technology, and USB access for your smartphone.  The technology driving the central panel is unique to each make.

One feature that stands out in the Toyota RAV4 is the Homelink.  It stays connected to your home security system from the comfort of your car.  This allows the driver to open their gate and garage door remotely from their car.

Easy access

All three of these vehicles offer key fobs that can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle, making it easy to get in in a hurry. The Toyota RAV4 has an available remote start feature.  Gone are the days of jumping into your ice cold vehicle, all you have to do is push a button and start your car from the comfort o91566-2015-Volkswagen-Tiguanf inside your home. The Ford Escape has an available foot activated liftgate which makes it so you can open your tailgate by just waving your foot under the back bumper. This is perfect for getting your groceries in the car when your hands are full.

Flexibility for every lifestyle

Flexibility is a major feature of a SUV which determines which vehicle best suits their owner’s lifestyle.  All three makes can reconfigure their rear into 60/40 splits.  The highest capacity rear cargo is the Toyota RAV4 with 73.4 cubic feet.  Second is the Ford Escape with 68 cu.  The smallest is the Volkswagen Tiguan at 56.1 cu. Whether you have a family that is constantly on the go, or you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, each of these SUVs should have enough space to keep you happy.

All three of these SUVs are great choices and offer an impressive list of features. If you are in the market for a small SUV, give all three a test drive and see which one is the best fit for you. To test drive a VW Tiguan, Ford Escape or Toyota Rav4 near Olympia contact Washington Auto Credit today! We also offer loans for buyers with less than perfect credit, apply for an auto loan in Olympia today!