Tax Time is Car Time for Many

In the sub-prime auto loan business, many of our customers do not make a lot of money. In fact, it is not any stretch of the truth to say that for the majority of our customers, their tax refund is the one and only time all year that they happen to have a large chunk of cash available to them. For most, the tax refund is larger than their gross monthly income.

Often, with bad credit, it is possible to buy a car with little or no money down. However, depending on your exact situation and what your needs are, for many people the only way they are able to buy a vehicle with a loan is to have $2,000-$4,000 in down payment.  Guess what time of year is the busiest for bad credit auto loans?

You guessed it:

Tax Time!

January, February, and March are BY FAR the best months for helping people with less than perfect credit buy cars. Why not April? Because most people who have a good refund coming file their taxes as soon as possible. People who wait until the last minute to file their taxes either do not NEED the refund, or they are not getting a large enough one to make a difference.

Can I access my tax refund before I get a W-2?

Sure. Using your last pay stub from December 2008, the income tax filing company we use can estimate your income tax refund and we can then proceed with helping you get and we can use a tax refund anticipation loan as your down payment to help you buy a car!

What do I need to get started and buy a car with my tax refund?

All normal tax documents that you need every year. We work with professional tax return specialists to help you get an accurate refund as soon as possible.

We use what we need to from your refund for down payment, and the rest you get to keep.

The first step is to apply for an auto loan at and then we can set up a time to meet and help you buy your next vehicle.


One thought on “Tax Time is Car Time for Many

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