Separate Needs and Wants When Buying a Vehicle

“If I am making a payment, I have to want it.” -Says a customer with 2 Repos.

If you want to have the ability to buy whatever you want, whenever you want, pay all your bills on time (no late payments) and you will never have a problem. If you are reading our blog, it may be too late for you.

Since the example customer with the quote did not want the previous 2 vehicles enough to pay on them as agreed on the contract, that customer has a lot less bargaining power when it comes time to purchase their next vehicle.

Some people do not understand the difference between NEEDS, and WANTS. I have created this handy little table to give some examples:



-You have medical issues with your back, and you need something higher off the ground to avoid pain. -You have a travel trailer that you use once in a while, and you want a truck to tow it.
-You have 5 kids and need 3 rows of seating. -You have 2 kids and want 3 rows of seating.
-You need an automatic transmission because you only have one leg. -You want an automatic because you don’t like to shift.
-You need basic transportation while you rebuild your credit. -You want an import, because they are cool.
-You need a 4×4 because you live in Alaska. -You want a 4×4 because you go hunting once a year. Wants to Help You with Both Your NEEDS and WANTS

It is important that our customers understand what needs and wants are. We want to help you get all of your needs, and as many of your wants as possible. If you want a truck, and you qualify for a truck, we are going to help you get a truck. If you want a Honda with leather, and you qualify for a Honda with leather, we are going to help you get a Honda with leather.

When we can help you get what you want, our job is very easy.

The difference between us, and those other guys, is that we will be straightforward (if not blunt) if we have to tell you that your wants are not achievable until you reestablish your credit. We will go over your situation to you, and show you what it will take from you (usually down payment or credit) to get your dream vehicle. We respect your intelligence enough to tell you the truth about what kinds of vehicles will work for you, and what won’t work for you at this time.

Apply for an auto loan with and let us help you get into a car that meets your needs, and hopefully your wants to.


2 thoughts on “Separate Needs and Wants When Buying a Vehicle

  1. I have 2 repos also. One is from me losing my job and not being able to pay for it. And the other is from me being a cosigner for my wife and we were going into the army due to finances. She couldn’t pay for hers neither and thats why I have 2 repos.


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