When Banks Stop Lending

Auto Loans have been tougher to get in the latter part of 2008 than in years past. Some people who had good credit do not have it anymore. Some people that have mediocre credit are being treated like people with really bad credit by many lenders. At WashingtonAutoCredit.com, we want to make sure you understand your options when it comes to vehicle financing.

You should not be forced to pay a high auto loan interest rate unless there are no better options for you. Even then, you need to have a plan for how to get out of the high interest rate cycle. Let WashingtonAutoCredit.com help.

If you are in Western Washington, and you need a car, give us a try. We want to help you get the best auto loan interest rate you qualify for. We have over 50 auto lenders in our directory. For those applicants outside of Western Washington: we still accept auto loan applications from the entire country. WashingtonAutoCredit.com is part of the JumpStartMyCredit.com network. If you apply on WashingtonAutoCredit.com, we can process your application exactly like you applied for a car loan at JumpStartMyCredit.com.


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