Lose Your Car in a Flood?

Buy a new car if yours is experiencing "technical difficulties".

Buy a new car if yours is experiencing "technical difficulties".

Western Washington is experiencing heavy flooding for the second year in a row. Unfortunately, in addition to houses, many people will find their cars damaged by the floods. Nothing is more damaging than a vehicle than flood water. The water soaks through any gap, weakens and destroys any gasket, destroys your interior, and makes the car stink. Not to mention, a flood can also brand the title of your vehicle.

It usually takes hundreds if not thousands of dollars of dollars to make a flood car road worthy again, and all the work you are having done is going to a vehicle with a flood title. That title, just like a salvage title, instantly lowers the value of your vehicle by at least half.

If you have a flood car, do not throw away a bunch of money on a branded title. Let us help you get a great vehicle that was kept high and dry during the flooding.

These are some of the areas of Western Washington affected by floods:

Chehalis, WA

Fife, WA

Puyallup, WA

Centralia, WA

Bucoda, WA

And all of the following areas have declared a state of emergency due to flooding: Grays Harbor County; King County; Kitsap County; Lewis County; Mason County; Pacific County; Pierce County; Snohomish County; Thurston County; Wahkiakum County; Whatcom County; City of Bothell; City of Kirkland; Makah Tribe; Quinault Indian Nation.


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