Obama Motors

Barrack Obama Government Owns General Motors

Barrack Obama's Government Ownership of General Motors

Since the US of A is the largest investor in General Motors, and has controlling interest of the company, do we have anything to worry about now that GM just got out of bankruptcy?

The local, county, state, and federal governments all buy a lot of vehicles. When was the last time you saw a police cruiser that was not a Ford Crown Victoria or a Dodge Charger? How much pressure might Obama put on lower levels of goverment to buy his brand of product?

I do not think it is unrealistic to think that since our government owns General Motors, the brand of choice for the new administration will be GM.

Why it could happen:

If I owned a large amount of stock in one particular auto maker, I would definately make an effort to own that brand’s products. I would encourage my extended family to buy that brand’s products, and I would hope that I am helping the financials of the company by doing so. I think that is the same philosophy that the US will start to use in the near future.


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