WA Auto Credit helps with Bad Credit Auto Loans

Stop me if you have heard this before:

Customer calls “bad credit car dealer” to get pre-qualified for an auto loan. “Bad credit car dealer” tells customer they are approved for an auto loan and they need to come in right away before the financing expires. Customer drives to the car dealer, sometimes 4-6 hours away, only to find out that the dealer is asking for $5000 down (or they want a co-signer).

Sound familiar?

It happens every day…just not at WA Auto Credit.

This may surprise you, but if we think you will probably need a large down payment to buy a vehicle, we will tell you before you come see us. From our prospective, why would we want to waste your time, or ours? We can usually help people with HORRIBLE credit buy a vehicle with only a $1500 or $2000 down payment, and we have several loan programs that do not require any money down (On Approval of Credit, of course.)

If you are willing to be told the truth, we are willing to give it to you. Give us a call at 253-353-2769 and tell us how we can help.


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