Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank
PO Box 630778
Cincinnati, OH 45263

Fifth Third Bank (5/3) offers some of the best loan rates out there for good credit customers, additionally, they offer some great loans for mid-level credit too.

2 thoughts on “Fifth Third Bank

  1. I am writing on an automobile surrender due to illness. The automobile is just over 90 days old. The payment is current until February 7, 2012.

    The owner (75 year-old female is is ill). Medical documentation can be supplied at your immediate request.

    Please advise.

    Thank you for your forbearance.


    Rose Mackey


    • Hi Rose,
      Hopefully you understand that we ARE NOT Fifth Third Bank. They are one of the many lenders we use.
      I can tell you that in my experience, lenders do not forgive debt in that type of a situation. It is not their job to. The lender granted a loan that was asked for by the applicant. It might be in the borrower’s best interest to surrender the vehicle, especially if credit no longer matters to the borrower. However, that is a decision for the borrower and their lawyer.
      If I were you, I would contact Fifth Third Bank directly with your question, but do not expect them to do anything for the borrower.


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