Use Tax Refund for Auto Loan

It is now our busiest time of year: Tax Time.

All year long, people tell us they plan on using their next tax refund as the down payment on their car loan. Usually, there is some waiting involved whether it be for the IRS to pay, or for the W-2 to come.

This year: NO WAITING!

We have partnered with TaxMax to help you get your money sooner, and get into your vehicle without needing to wait for the refund to be sent by the IRS.

TaxMax will professionally prepare your taxes, with no money out of your pocket, with or WITHOUT your W-2. We can help you prepare your return and access your refund using your last Year to Date pay stub from 2011.

Buy your car today, even without your W-2? That is the power of TaxMax.

What to bring: Everything you would to file your taxes somewhere else.

  • Social security cards (for kids if you have them)
  • W-2 or Year end paystub
  • ID
  • Sometimes, last years taxes are necessary.
  • If you write things off, bring the same proof you would to another tax preparation office.

Questions? Call us at 888-300-3502. We can help you get into your new car in a hurry.


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