Where Can I Look at Washington Auto Credit Inventory?

Our pre-owned inventory page is located here. You will find the combined online used inventory from all of the dealers in our group. We also have access to brand new Ford, Toyota, and Volkswagen vehicles, but we do not display the new inventory on this website. Additionally, there are a lot of available vehicles that do not show up on the website, because they have not been stocked in yet.

If you are worried about the quality or type of vehicle you will be able to buy: RELAX.  Our customers end up buying all sorts of different vehicles. You can see many examples on our Testimonials page.  Additionally, you can read our Reviews or read what ThurstonTalk wrote about us.

Other dealerships cannot offer you our financing programs through their retail sales departments. Our loan programs are exclusive to Washington Auto Credit.


2 thoughts on “Where Can I Look at Washington Auto Credit Inventory?

  1. Hey guys I got a vehicle from you guys 2 years ago and i saw this email come across so i thought I would drop you guys a line. Im looking to trade in my vehicle that I got from you guys for something newer but im also looking for something with the same monthly payments as well. Not able to see your inventory so maybe you can help me out. I had a very good experience with you guys so I thought I would come back as a repeat customer.

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