Using Credit Repair While Re-establishing Credit

At Washington Auto Credit, we help people with credit challenges buy vehicles with an auto loan. The goal is to re-establish our customers’ credit when they make on time payments each month.

For a lot of people with bad credit, the vehicle they buy is not their dream car. The loan they get is not going to be as good of a loan as a person with perfect credit. It is important to look at both the vehicle and the loan as a stepping stone between where you are now, and where you want to be. If your credit continues to improve, eventually you will be able to step up to a better loan and/or a better vehicle.


Okay, so now you know that you need to make loan payments on time to re-establish good credit. The next step is removing old, negative items from your credit bureau. By combining the new, on time, payments with credit repair, your credit can improve much faster than doing just an auto loan, or just credit repair. For several years now, Washington Auto Credit has partnered with Credit Unlimited, a reputable credit repair company, to help our customers speed up the credit rebuilding process by taking old, negative, and inaccurate items off of our customers’ credit bureaus.


Credit Unlimited’s job is to remove negative items from your credit bureau. Slow payments, charge offs, collections, and more. Let’s just say you had 12 slow payments on your credit. If six of those slow payments went away, your credit report would only show 6 slow payments. With fewer slow payments, your credit worthiness improves.  At the same time, any collections or charge off accounts are also disputed and when/if those accounts go away, your credit improves even more.  It is their job. It is what they do best.


Good things are not cheap. Cheap things are not good. However, a good value is hard to beat.

Credit unlimited will cost $99 or so to start up, and $49 or so per month for their starter plan. They have upgrades you can do if you want to repair your credit even faster.


In our experience, significant improvements can usually be measured after about six months of using their service. Your situation could take a little more time, or a little less.


There are a few ways to sign up, we can help sign you up or you can go to Credit Unlimited’s site on your own. Washington Auto Credit is an approved partner with Credit Unlimited, so if you sign up through us you will get a few extra perks. It is up to you. Email us at to sign up or find out more.


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