Free Credit Unlimited Credit Repair Enrollment with Purchase! It’s BACK!!

In spring of 2014 we ran a promotion offering to pay the credit repair enrollment fee for our customers that buy a car. It was a very successful promo and a lot of people took advantage of our offer.

This spring, we are doing it again. If you buy a vehicle through us, we will pay your enrollment fee in Credit Unlimited’s credit repair program. This is a $99.95 value per buyer. If two people are on the loan to buy a vehicle, we will enroll both people. That is almost a $200 value.

The best way to rebuild your credit is to take out a significant loan and pay the monthly payment on time each month. If you can rebuild your credit with an installment loan (like a car loan) and have a credit repair company working for you to remove old, negative items from your credit, your credit rating will improve faster than just doing one of the two processes. Does that make sense?

Washington Auto Credit takes credit rebuilding very seriously. If you have any questions about this promotion, give us a call today!


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