5 Mistakes Seattle Car Buyers Make Before Buying a Car

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t car buying experts. The reality is that the normal person only makes it to the dealership to purchase a car every few years. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are some common mistakes that the average car buyer makes. Luckily, avoiding them is easy if you prepare yourself properly. Here are some common mistakes car buyers make and how you can avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Not Knowing Budget Before Shopping

This may seem obvious to some people, but many buyers visit the auto dealership without knowing how much they can afford to spend. An easy way to figure out your budget is to find out how much you can afford to spend on a monthly car payment. Once you have a monthly number figured out (for example, $350 per month) you can let your salesperson know and they can help you figure out how much of a down payment you will need to achieve your payment goal on your desired vehicle.

Mistake #2 – Not Test Driving Before Buying

Many people come to the dealership and think they know exactly which vehicle they want, but after they test drive discover that it doesn’t fit their needs as well as they initially thought. This is why test driving is very important. Whether your next car is new or used, make sure to take it out for a spin before you sign the papers. This is also a good opportunity to test the car’s various features and learn how to operate everything from your salesperson.

Mistake #3 – Buying a Car Based on Wants Not Needs

Before you step foot on the car lot, jot down a checklist of your most important vehicle needs. If you are visiting the dealership convertible carlooking for a truck because you plan on regular ski trips to Snoqualmie pass, you probably don’t want to be tempted to buy that hot new convertible coupe. After you find a car that you think is the right one, bust out your checklist and go down it to make sure that your vehicle fits all your most important needs. This could save you from the dreaded “buyer’s remorse” a day or two later.

Mistake #4 – Not Getting the Best Finance Rate Available

Some auto buyers prefer to go to their bank and get a pre-approval for a loan before coming to the dealership. While this can be helpful, the problem is they don’t know if their bank is offering the best rate out there. Washington Auto Credit works with many different lenders to make sure auto buyers get the best rate available to them. Make sure to do your research and contact Washington Auto Credit if you are curious

Mistake #5 – Not Contacting the Insurance Company

It’s a good idea to call your insurance company and let them know the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. This way they can let you know if you can expect an increase or decrease in your rates. With this information, you will be better equipped to make the right purchase decision.

To learn more about buying a car in Washington State, contact Washington Auto Credit today.


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