How to Find a Bad Credit Car Dealer Between Seattle and Portland

Do you suffer from bad credit but need to purchase a vehicle? If so, you are not alone. Millions of americans have sub-par credit scores but that shouldn’t stop them from being able to find reliable transportation. The reality is that life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and just because a credit score might not be optimal, this shouldn’t stop consumers from finding a car that is suitable for them. Here are some tips on finding a reputable bad credit car dealer that can help you between Seattle and Portland.

Discover Your Credit Scorecredit score report

First of all, are you sure you even have bad credit? You might be surprised that your credit score is better than you think. It used to be an ordeal to retrieve your credit score but luckily finding out your credit score is much easier than it was ten years ago. There are multiple websites that offer free (or nearly free) credit reports to give you an estimate of your score. Just do a simple web search for “what’s my credit score?” and you will be given multiple options to choose from. Once you know your score, it’ll be easier to review your options.

Do Your Research

Once you have figured out your credit score, the next step is to find out what your auto finance options are. There are plenty of websites that you can go to to find auto finance rates, but if your credit score is an issue, you may want to contact a professional. Professional lenders will be able to contact multiple financial institutions to ensure you get the best rate possible. Washington Auto Credit is a highly reputable bad credit car dealer between Seattle and Portland and helps many people with bad credit purchase new vehicles daily. Contact them today and they will help you take the next step towards your auto purchase.

Make A Plan

After contacting Washington Auto Credit, you will have a better idea of what you will need to do in order to get financing on your next vehicle. Some possible actions that might need to be taken are getting a co-signer or coming up with a down payment. Your lender should be able to let you know how much money you will need to put down, or if you need a co-signer based on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. This may also vary based on whether or not you have a vehicle you plan on trading in. Each situation is unique, so don’t be discouraged if you need a co-signer or down payment to make your loan happen.

Get Help Today
If you have any questions about getting a car loan with bad credit between Seattle and Portland contact Washington Auto Credit today.


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