5 Tips for Buying and Financing a New Truck

Whether you have owned many trucks, or this is your first truck purchase, you will want to read these five tips to help your next truck buying experience go smoothly. When searching for your next truck it’s important that it not only meets your needs and wants, but also fits in your budget. Here are some tips on finding the perfect truck for you and keeping it affordable.

Make Sure it Has What You Need

When you step on the car lot, you are probably going to be tempted to test drive the fully loaded brand new truck with all the bells and whistles. There’s no question that having features like heated seats and sunroof are going to make your driving experience more enjoyable, but are these things that you can’t live without? You might decide that a sunroof is very important to you however leather seats aren’t. This is good information to give your salesperson so they can properly match you with a truck and you don’t have to pay for features that you aren’t going to use. There is a good chance that you are buying a truck because you are using it for towing, hauling, or off-roading. Make sure your truck meets all of these needs before making the plunge and purchasing. Whether you are buying new or used, you should be able to hop online and find out your trucks specs to make sure it matches all your needs.

Consider buying a 4×2

Many truck buyers go right to the 4×4 section when looking to buy a truck, but a large portion of these people never even use the 4×4 on their truck. If you aren’t going to use it, why pay the extra money for it? 4×2 trucks are almost always less expensive than their 4×4 counterpart and visually they are often very similar. Unless you plan on doing some serious off-roading, the 4×2 might be the better option for you and will save your wallet the extra strain that the 4×4 truck price tag creates.

Make Sure It Has Enough Power

If you are using your truck to tow a trailer than you want to make sure it has the power to handle it. This should come as a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people purchase before thoroughly reviewing their new trucks specs. If you are using the bed of your truck to haul a fifth wheel, you will also want to make sure that your truck has enough payload to handle it. Tell your sales rep what you plan on towing and they should be able to help you figure out if your new truck can handle it.

Consider Buying Used

There is no question that the new car smell is nice, but is it worth the price? If you buy a truck that is just a year or two old, there is a good chance it will still be under the manufacturer’s warranty (make sure to ask your salesperson about this) and it can be much less expensive than buying new. If you are worried about your used vehicle having mechanical problems, you can also see if your dealer offers extended coverage warranties to make sure you are prepared if the unexpected happens. By buying used, you will most likely save a lot of money compared to buying new and for this reason many buyers choose this route.

Check Your Financing Options

When you buy your new or used truck, make sure you get a good finance rate to keep your payments down. If you have credit problems: GET PRE-APPROVED FIRST. Don’t waste hours and hours looking for the perfect truck, only to be disappointed. To see what rates you can qualify for financing in the Olympia, Washington area, contact Washington Auto Credit today.


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