Can I buy a Dodge Challenger if I have Bad Credit?

Buying a Dodge Challenger with bad credit might be easier than you think. Thanks to the experts at Washington Auto Credit, a bad credit auto loan is fairly easy to come by. So now that that is cleared up, the bigger question should be “is the Dodge Challenger the right vehicle for me?”. Here are some reasons we like the Dodge Challenger and some other vehicles you may want to consider.

What we like about the Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is about as an American of a car as you can buy. It’s muscular, fast, fun to drive, and looks amazing. Dodge has been dodge challenger bad credit loanproducing the Challenger since the 1950s, so it has a place in many car buyers hearts. Today the Challenger still looks fantastic and you can tell that its design is still inspired by its roots. In the newer Challengers, there are many different models to choose from at a wide range of prices. You will be pleasantly surprised at the low price you can purchase a used Challenger SXT model for. If you love sporty vehicles and are interested in a vehicle that will turn heads, the Challenger should absolutely be close to the top of the list.

Dodge Challenger Alternatives

If you test drive a Challenger and decide that it isn’t for you, don’t fret because there are some great alternatives out there. The two best other choices in our opinion are the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang. These two cars are also known for their heritage and the mark they’ve made in the muscle car industry.

You can easily find a used Mustang for sale in either a V6 or V8 version. We’d recommend the V8 if you want something that is very fast and a blast to drive. The V6 still has pretty impressive power and can usually be found at a lower price. Depending on the year, there are some pretty significant styling differences in the Mustang. We definitely like the direction Ford has taken with the newer models since they look like a modern spin on the classic models.

The Chevy Camaro also enjoys a long history of sports car success. It was first introduced to the market in the 1960s, and recently introduced in 2010. A lot of buyers like the styling of the Camaro and prefer it to the Mustang or Challenger. We agree that it looks great but that decision will have to be up to you. Similar to the Mustang, you should be able to find a used Camaro in either a V6 or V8. Both perform well, so decide which one fits you best and is within your budget.

How to get financing on a Dodge Challenger
If you’ve checked out a used Challenger for sale, used Mustang, and used Camaro – you’ll have a hard time deciding between the three! The great news is that the pros at Washington Auto Credit are your best bet at getting financing on any of these vehicles. Our quick and easy loan application can get you approval in just a few minutes! Give us a call to learn more today, or fill out an application today and we will help get you in that sports car of your dreams.


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