How to Get a Low Payment on a Volkswagen?

When choosing a used car, many buyers opt for a vehicle produced the german car maker: Volkswagen. VW’s are known for their excellent engineering, performance, and great gas mileage. VW produces a wide range of vehicles to choose from, you can find anything from a large SUV like the VW Touareg to the iconic VW Beetle for sale. VW has been producing vehicles since the mid 1900s and their refined product shows their experience well. Today you can find many used Volkswagens to choose from, and as a consumer you want to find a Volkswagen for a low monthly.

Want a VW Jetta? Choose The Jetta S For a Low Payment. 

Used VW Jetta in OlympiaOne of the hottest small sedans on the market is the Volkswagen Jetta. Unlike some auto manufacturers, VW hasn’t had to make drastic design changes to the newest model of the Jetta for it to remain popular. The Jetta has a classic yet modern look that represents its german roots well. The newest version of the Jetta is available in multiple trims including the S, SE, SEL and GLI. The most basic of these options is the Jetta S, and this is probably your best choice if your main goal is to keep your payments low. While the Jetta S doesn’t have every bell and whistle imaginable, it does still come with a hefty number of standard options that’ll please most drivers. On newer models you enjoy the basics like power windows, power locks, and a decent stereo system.

Choosing the Right VW SUV Make and Model Will Effect Your Payment

There are plenty of SUVs on the market to choose from, but if you want one that is a Volkswagen you are a little more limited Used VW Tiguan in Olympia Washingtonin your options. Two popular VW Suv options include the Tiguan and Touareg. The Tiguan is the smaller SUV option and is a great choice for consumers that want a little extra space but don’t want to get terrible gas mileage. For a low payment on a Tiguan, you should look for a Tiguan model S. The newest version of the model S comes with plenty of great features including heated power side mirrors and audio streaming technology. If a big and luxurious SUV is your preference, the Touareg is a great choice. The price tag on a new Touareg is in the higher range, so if you want a low payment than a used model is a great choice. Each trim of the Touareg comes pretty loaded with features, so to keep your payments low talk to your sales rep about finding one with a low sticker price.

Want a Fun Car? You Can Find a VW Beetle With a Low Payment! 

What is there to not love about the Volkswagen Beetle? This great little car is perfect for the driver that wants something small and affordable. The Beetle is also known for its impressive gas mileage and peppy acceleration. Getting a low payment on a VW Beetle comes down to finding the right year and model that fits your budget. New Beetles have a fairly low MSRP, U92381-2014-Volkswagen-Beetle-Coupeso finding a used one that is a few years old will help you achieve an even lower payment. As far as models go, both the Beetle S and SE are great, practical choices.

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