Which Ford SUVs Make Great Vehicles To Buy and Finance Pre-Owned?

Ford is a name that has been trusted since the build of the very first car in the early 1900s up until today. For over 100 years Ford has set the path when it comes to innovative and family-friendly cars. Ford manufactures cars that do not only look great, but they are known to last for many years with regular maintenance and care. If you buy a Ford second hand, you know that you can rely on the vehicle, come rain or shine. Here are the best Ford SUVs to get financing on pre-owned.ford explorer gray

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer makes it possible for the city slicker to turn into a bush whacker within record time. It is the perfect car to buy second-hand because this SUV was built for toughness. Since its initial design in 1991 the SUV has seen many changes and most of them were brought in to fit with the fast pace of modern drivers. Newer models feature high tech adjustments, a fuel efficient cylinder and an upscale cabin where you get to be the master of your next journey.

Ford Escape

Similar to the Explorer, the Escape was built for the outdoors. This SUV may seem unassuming at first, but it is a car to be reckoned with inside and outside of the city. It made its debut in 2001 as one of Ford’s most stunning SUVs to date and in 2013 it received a completely new design. Both older and newer models should provide you with ample space, but newer models will probably be ford escape in olympiabetter suited to a driver who adores technology. Newer models are also more fuel efficient for those who have a ‘green’ conscience.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is a boxed car at its best and the models just keep on getting better and better as the years go on. It was created in 1996 after replacing the Bronco in 1997. It stayed true to the big grill in front and the large amount of space in the interior. Newer modblue ford expeditionels sport with leather seats, a digitalised dashboard, and adjustable seating for more storage area. It is the perfect family car. It is Ford’s largest SUV that they have made up to date and if you are unable to get the new 2017 model, a used 2016 model will do just as well.

Ford Escape Hybrid

If you love the Ford brand and the Ford Escape model, but you aren’t keen on the fuel consumption, then the hybrid is the perfect option for you. These babies are perfect to buy second-hand because they are so economic on gas. It brings you the best of the Escape SUV as well as its interior and exterior design, but you will be saving a whole lot on fuel as you create new memories inside the city as well as outside in the wild world.

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