Which Ford SUVs are Best for Towing Your Boat or Trailer?

While many people opt for a Ford F-150 or Super Duty to handle their towing needs, many of the Ford SUVs are also very capable. Here are some of the best Ford vehicles for towing your boat or travel trailer.

Ford Expedition

If you are looking for your next vehicle with great towing capacity for a trailer or boat, Ford has exactly what you are looking for. TheFord Expedition two tone Olympia  Ford Expedition has three rows of seating that can seat up to 7 people. It is available in a variety of trims and you can decide whether you want rear or four wheel driving capabilities depending on what you are carrying and the type of terrain you wish to travel. The newest Ford Expedition gets its 310 hp and 365 lb ft of torque from its 5.4 liter engine. It’s a pleasant drive giving precise steering, comfortable and can take on both a full vehicle of passengers and up to 9200 lb if you select the four wheel drive version.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has excellent driving dynamics, power and design. Inside the cabin expect nothing but the best comfort and premium style. The space inside means that you can fit your whole group whether family or friends into it and have enough room to bring the dog, any equipment you need and still have enough room to be able to travel in comfort. The roof rack gives you extra storage capacity and you can benefit from the LED lighting and fog lamps to help you get through all kinds of terrain and weather. For the 2017 version more colours have been added to suit differing tastes and the 3.5 liter Ecoboost V6 all-wheel drive has a maximum towing capacity of 5000lb. You don’t have to compromise on seating and storage to get the power you need to tow your trailer or boat. The worlds there to explore and there is nothing holding you back with the  Ford Explorer.

Ford Escape

ligth blue ford escape in olympiaIf you are looking to escape for the weekend and are looking for a small SUV that packs power then the Ford Escape is exactly what you are looking for. The 2017 Ford Escape has all the tech you would expect from a modern vehicle as well as an ecoboost engine for power to transport a full vehicle of people as well as a trailer or boat without struggling. The Ford Escape’s 2.0 liter comes as standard in both SE and Titanium trims giving you 180hp and 185 lb torque. The EcoBoost gives you 245 hp and 275 lb-ft thanks to its redesigned pistons and manifold. Fuel consumption has been improved and safety has been taken into account with forward collision warnings and lane alert assist which actually makes corrections to the steering. This is extremely useful, even more so when towing your boat or trailer. The Ford Escape already sold over 300,000 vehicles during 2014 and in 2017 the number is set to rise. As it’s difficult to improve perfection there have been very few changes since the last model, however you can now tow up to 3500 lb with a full vehicle if you choose the EcoBoost FWD or the EcoBoost AWD.

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