Tips for Driving a Stick Shift

If you have never driven stick it can be extremely daunting. There are three pedals instead of two and you can’t just rest your hand on the gear shifter, you actually have to use it. And then you have to know the sweet spot and how your car reacts to the clutch pedal. Plus if you like to drink coffee while driving, you’ll have to time it in between shifting which adds an additional level of difficulty. Even with the learning curve, there are some advantages to driving a stick shift, and learning It just takes practice.

Tips for First Time Drivers

Ride as a passenger first, because then you can see what the difference is between driving an automatic. And that should essentially be your first task, learning how to drive and becoming experienced with the roads, and your actions. The more experienced driver you are the easier it is to focus on something else. How are you going to focus on shifting gears when you don’t even yet know how to merge?

If you aren’t sure whecar speedometerther to shift or not, always shift up, and if you feel the car fighting with you, you can always shift down. It’s much more preferable for the car however to be in a higher gear and have to downshift, than being in a lower gear and revving the engine. It’s also something you can hear, so get used to listening to the car in the beginning.

Don’t forget to put your car in gear when parked on a hill and turn the wheels (and engage the parking brake). Unlike automatic transmissions which must be in park to take the key out, you can take the key out in neutral in a manual. This means, if you are on a hill and leave it in neutral, you are likely to get out and find you are at the bottom of the street amidst an accident because the car rolled. It’s happened more times than not so just remember and be aware of your surroundings.  

Why Getting A Manual and Knowing How to Drive it is a Good Idea

Because it’s cool, that’s why. Not enough of a reason? Well, another reason is that in most cacool guy driving carses you can get a manual version of a car for cheaper than an automatic, generally because in the U.S. only roughly 4% of people buy them. But there are fanatics that swear by driving a manual over an automatic because they like having the control. Another reason to buy a manual is for gas milage. In many cases, manual vehicles get better MPG than their automatic counterpart. Other countries are more in tune with their use of manual and it’s more accepted and used than automatic. So if you are a traveler, it might be nice to know how to drive one.

All in all, knowing how to drive a manual is about having multiple skills. Being able to drive anything that comes your way is absolutely essential to life. And it’s exciting, because if ever you want to own yourself a fancy sports car, manual is always the way to go on those. Dream big and learn a new skill, it can only benefit your life.

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