What Can You Do To Get Better Gas Mileage Out Of Your Car?

As we all know, vehicles are a very important part of our lives. Their ability to get us to our destination is unmatched by nearly any other machine, but unfortunately, cars don’t run on convenience and wishful thinking. They need fuel, and fuel costs money, generally in substantial amounts. Thankfully there are ways you can reduce the amount of gas you have to buy in the future regardless of what kind of car your drive, mostly through simply following a handful of good driving tips.

Reduce the weight of your vehicle if possible. While the extra weight of heavy items in a car may only affect its fuel economy by one or two percent, that’s one or two percent of gas you could be saving, especially in stop and go traffic. If there’s anything relatively heavy in your vehicle that you don’t really need to have there, go ahead and find somewhere else for it.filling up at gas pump

By extension of the previous tip, you can actually get better gas mileage by driving around with less fuel in your tank. It may sound surprising at first, but just ten gallons of gas weighs around sixty pounds. That’s a decent amount of weight, and as mentioned previously, does have some small effect on your gas mileage particularly in stop and go traffic.

Did you know your air conditioner even affects gas mileage to a small extent? Some people are unaware of how the air conditioner actually works, but it relies on the engine to function properly. While this matters little at highway speeds, in stop and go traffic you are simply demanding more of your engine, however slight, and higher demand means more gas consumption.

Reduce wind resistance. The harder your car has to work to move forward, the more fuel it will consume. That means reducing wind drag however you can for some better gas mileage, and it’s not all that hard to do so. For one, you can avoid buying big tires. Less surface space means less space for the wind to push against. Furthermore, if you are on the highway, don’t roll down your windows. Having your windows down greatly reduces the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle and causes a lot of extra drag, which pushes your engine fast driving on highwayharder and makes you use more fuel.

Finally, avoid aggressive driving, and learn to drive without the uncompromising use of the gas pedal! Studies show that more aggressive driving tactics consumes more fuel, most likely because aggressive maneuvers require more of the gas pedal. Every time you press that thing you are feeding gas to the engine, which is wasteful if it is not necessary. Learn to cover some distance without the gas pedal. Coast to a stop at red lights, let gravity do the work for you downhill, and avoid excessive speeding (you have to pump in a lot of gas to get the car up to speed). While this tips are small, they are nevertheless helpful when it comes to reducing your gas consumption on the road.

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