Which Fluids Should You Regularly Check In Your Car and Why Are They Important

Maintaining the internal functions of your car surpass the importance of maintaining your car’s external appearance. Regularly checking the important fluids that aid in helping your car run smoothly, will ultimately benefit your car’s performance, and reduce your overall expenses spent on your car. Many issues that pose a problem with cars has to do with the lack of care and could have very well been prevented very easily. Familiarizing yourself with the basic of fluid needs of your car will allow you to rely on others knowledge, and you will be able to care for your car a lot less hassle free, through the purchase of the correct fluids and not excess ones.

Engine OilRed Lexus SUV

The purpose of this fluid is to keep the inner workings of your engine well lubricated and cool. Filling this oil regularly will assist in the health of your engine, which after all is the heart of the car. It is a very simple process to checking to see whether or not this oil needs to be refilled or not and applies more or less the same technique to most cars. Pop open the hood of your car, locate the dipstick, give it a good wipe and check if your oil levels is safe. If not, refill. A good amount of time to conduct these checks between each other should extend to about thirty days.

Transmission fluid

This fluid is responsible for keeping the gears on your car running smoothly. In order to check this fluid, the car will need to be running. It should not be at a low level, but rather should still have a good quality. Meaning that it should not look or smell burnt. If it is taking it to a mechanic and getting it replaced would be the best option. It should be checked once a month.


As stated in the name, the purpose of this fluid is to ensure your car stays at a cool temperature. Once the car is cool, it can be checked by removing the radiator cap. If you’re running low on this fluid, your vehicle is likely to overheat. It’s as simple as, if it’s low then refill it. However, make sure to use the same coolant that is already in the car. Coolant does not have to be checked as often as one may think, only twice a year. You can check before both the summer and the winter months.

Brake fluidCar with a lot of tread on tires

The brake fluid is part of an internal mechanism system. It should not become low, but if you are experiencing problems with your brakes, or they are faulty, it is possible that a problem related to the brake fluid could be the cause. The brake fluid reservoir on the driver’s side of the car is where this fluid is contained, and can be checked by checking the outside of the container. It typically should be replaced every two years.

Power steering fluid

This fluid keeps the mechanisms of steering smooth and simple. If this fluid is low, you will experience it through the possible “abnormal” sounds the steering wheel could be making. You can check by looking under the hood at the reservoir. This fluid should be checked once a month.  

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