Cool Jeep Modification Ideas

Whether you just bought a new Jeep, or have had one for years, the thought has probably crossed your mind to add some aftermarket modifications to it. All-terrain vehicles inspired by the original military Jeep are a great medium for modification, whether your purpose is off-roading or just for looks. Here are some of the best aftermarket modifications to truly make your Jeep your own.


Arguably the single most important modification for a Jeep, a winch can be of assistance both on the road and off road. If you and your friends enjoy driving around in the mud, a winch can help pull a stranded car out of a mud puddle that was deeper than expected. Or perhaps you are cruising down the highway during a snowstorm and see a stranded motorist. A winch can help pull them out of the ditch in no time, with no cost to either of you other than your time.


If you’re going off roading, you’ll want something other than M/T or Toyo tires. Even if you just live and commute where mud and/or snow are constant threats, you shou


ld consider upgrading to mud and snow tires. You might consider swamper tires if you really enjoy off-roading. You may even opt for a larger tire size. Just be aware, you’ll want to re-gear your differential if you do go large.


Most Jeep enthusiasts opt for getting a lift kit as their first major modification to their Jeep. Lift kits increase your Jeep’s clearance, breakover angle, approach angle, and departure angle. This comes with the obvious added benefit of being able to go over larger obstacles without risking getting stuck (but your buddy has a winch, so go big!) Make sure to choose a lift based on your primary excursions. If you ride around the sand dunes, you’ll want a solid coil over system. If you’re travelling through deep water or large boulders, a spring lift kit is desirable. Also be sure to consider your tire size, and adjust your lift accordingly.

Rock Slidersjeep rock sliders

If you plan on doing any rock climbing, rock sliders are key. This modification protects your Jeep while doubling as a step into your now lifted vehicle. They also work as a side recovery point, should you happen to flip your Jeep. This piece of equipment protects against damage from rocks, trees, other vehicles, and human negligence in the parking lot. Keep your Jeep looking good for longer by installing rock sliders. You will not be disappointed.


Differential lockers, if not already included on your model, are a key addition. This piece of equipment keeps both wheels spinning identically, to give you better traction in deep mud or other challenging landscapes. If you opt for an air differential locking system, you get the added bonus of an onboard air compressor to inflate any flat tires, or to use with any pneumatic tools you choose to carry on the road (or off the road.)

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