Common car accidents in the U.S and how to avoid them

Many of the car accidents in the U.S. are mainly caused by human error. The majority of these accidents are minor and do not result in fatality or serious injury but the bottom line is that it happened in the first place. Even if being careful it is still possible to end up in a car accident. So here are just a few common car accidents that occur in the U.S. and how they can be prevented.

Driving whilst distracted Girl riding in car in Washington with head out window

With the input of new technologies it adds a new possible distraction. Having said that things like eating food or drinking, looking at a map, having your navigation system on silent, taking phone calls without a headset, getting ready in the car etc are all classed as distractions. Avoiding doing things like these while driving means that more of your attention is focused on the road rather than what is happening inside your vehicle.

Drunk driving

cool guy driving car

Drunk driving is up there with one of the most common and most dangerous causes of accidents in the United States and statistics show it has one of the highest fatality and serious injury rates out of all of the possible causes. The simple solution is if you have had anything to drink, you and the public are safest if you take a taxi home or get someone who has not been drinking to pick you up.


car speedometer

Whatever your reason for speeding, whether it be because your wife is having a baby, oror late for work or you just like driving fast the outcome is always the same. The reason does not make the action any less dangerous. This is the second most common cause of accidents in America. Have a look around and look out for the signs that tell you the speed limits or get your navigation device to inform you when the speed limits change and stick to them.

fast driving on highwayReckless driving

All of the above with the inclusion of some others like changing lines without indicating, and overall acting aggressive on the road are forms of reckless driving and it can be very dangerous for both yourself and those around you. As a driver you have got to try to keep any anger issues or things that are frustrating you outside because the moment you bring it into the car and start driving it becomes dangerous. Try to remain as calm as possible.


Sometimes driving in the rain is completely unavoidable the best you can do is to try to drive as safe as possible. It is common to underestimate how rain can change how your car drives on the road. So try to drive safely, do not slow down however because this could be as dangerous as speeding up and if the rain becomes too much then in no circumstance must you continue driving. Look for somewhere safe to pull over and wait for the storm to pass.

Having a safe vehicle is also very important for staying safe on the road. If you are in the market to buy a new car, or if you need auto financing in Olympia, contact Washington Auto Credit today!


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