Cleaning Tips after Buying a Lifted Jeep in Washington

jeep rock slidersMost Jeep owners love mud all over their jeeps, because they feel that mud on their jeeps is a right of passage. A downside to mud remaining on your jeep is that once it dries up, the harder it is to scrub off when you do decide to wash your car. Dried mud can affect your vehicle’s wheels by causing an imbalance which will make you drive more unevenly; dried up mud, particularly on the radiator can cause your Jeep to heat up and mud on the lights will obviously make them less bright, visible and less effective which will be dangerous when you drive at night.

As much as mud on your Jeep is considered as a right of passage or a badge of honour amongst other Jeep owners, the mud must be cleaned off your car as soon as reasonably possible. Here we provide some useful tips on how to clean your Jeep after going mudding:


  • Clean your car as soon as possible


Mud is different according to the region of origin. In some places the mud is watery and thin whilst in others it is thick almost like wet concrete. Regardless of the texture or type of mud, it is crucial and advisable that you wash the mud off as soon as possible. As soon as you return from mudding, its best you take a hose to that mud before it turns into concrete and becomes almost impossible to remove.


  • High pressureC318-2016-Jeep-Wrangler-Unlimited


Cleaning the mud of your car is already a tedious duty, to speed up the process you should use one of the following:

  • A Pressure washer, which is perfect if you have enough space and or the money to invest in one. Add a U-shaped attachment to your pressure washer to make it much easier to reach the undercarriage; and/or
  • Car Wash, this is an obvious choice as the pressure is often higher than using your own hose or a regular standard hose and the best part is the cleaning up duties are not on you. Another benefit of car washes is that they use warm water which makes the removal of mud much easier. It is important to remember that car washes will cost you around about $ 10 to $20.


  • Under the Hood


The engine will also need to be cleaned but this may be a problem because engines also have cables and wires which should not get wet. You can either carefully clean the engine bay by using a hose, towel and brush. Some have tried leaving their engine on and this pressure has washed the engine. You could also try steam cleaning your engine whilst your electronics are covered by plastics. Another option could also be using Simple Green as it can speed up the cleaning process.


  • Clean everywhere


Make sure you try and clean all the parts as they can have little cracks that can retain mud. Whilst you are cleaning under the hood, also clean the radiator and any other small crevices.

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