Five Reasons To Buy The 2017 Ford Fiesta in Olympia

Looking to buy a new car with many great features and is inexpensive? The 2017 Ford Fiesta has many positive things that a driver looks for a new car. Here are five reasons in particular to buy the new Ford Fiesta.

  1. It Is Affordable27854-2015-Ford-Fiesta

The 2017 Fiesta maintains Ford’s reputation as having a fairly inexpensive price tag on its vehicles. This is a popular factor for consumers buying a new vehicle because the economy is not as strong as before, as car buyers are looking at used, older vehicles. Car buyers also want a vehicle that does not cost a lot to maintain, which is what the Fiesta is capable of doing. It has plenty of miles per gallon in the tank and does not fail on the body to keep the cost of maintenance down. The Fiesta does not hold back on style, maintaining the look of past Fiestas.

  1. Style Is Key

The Fiesta has an incredibly shaped body with an interior that fits the bill for comfort. The exterior includes an arched roof, strong headlamps tucked in into the front ends, and a low, widened front and mouth. Inside, the cabin has not changed compared to other Ford Fiestas. It still has soft materials for sitting, wide cup holders, and small storage places to hold various things.The car is also relatively quiet from inside thanks to an adjustment with the hood to cut down on engine noise.

  1. It’s Powerful And Safe

The Fiesta’s horsepower ranges from 120 to 197 with a 1.6-liter engine, giving plenty of power driving on any road. Expect an effective miles-per-gallon rate between 31 and 41, based on street or highway usage, showcasing effective fuel economy. The same goes with its safety features, which includes in-vehicle assistance, sturdy passenger airbags for front and side impact, and child safety locks. In addition, the Fiesta has warning systems for ignition and low tires pressure, plus parking guide and a security alarm system loud enough to ward off any carjacker.

  1. Smart Features From Inside


The in-vehicle and parking assistance is part of the car’s advanced technology. The Fiesta has SYNC 3, which provides Apple CarPlay to keep drivers connected to their iPhone while driving. That means there’s no reason to not have the eyes on the road while driving. SYNC 3 permits users to check voicemail, send and receive texts, and play songs.

  1. A Warranty And An Impression

This car includes a 36,000-mile, three-year warranty with complete coverage; the powertrain warranty is five years, 60,000 miles. For drivers, this is comforting just in case of some issue that comes up when in use such as any unexpected maintenance problems. Ford dealerships across the country have customized shops for its entire vehicle to give any expert repairs. New drivers of the 2017 Ford Fiesta have praised it for its high fuel economy, easy steering, and special features, which allows the car to be worth driving around for long periods of time.

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