Should Washington residents choose a front wheel drive car or all-wheel drive car?

Most of the cars are that are seen on the road have front-wheel-drive (in short FWD.) this means that the power from the engine will go to the wheels in the front. But now the trend is changing and you can see that many cars made today have all-wheel-drive (AWD.) When buying new, many Washington buyers choose AWD vehicles because of our rainy winters. The question is whether or not this is a necessary upgrade.

Here are some pros and cons of FWD vs AWD.

Front Wheel Drive


Why do people go for a front-wheel-drive car? Driving an FWD has many benefits.

The FWD system is simple and less expensive. With a less expensive up front cost, you end up with lower payments that are affordable to a larger group of people. Another big plus side to FWD is that they usually get better fuel economy. This will also save the driver some big money over the long run.

All in all, you pay less when buying this kind of a car and in maintaining it too. So it is economical to buy an FWD. the cost effective factor plays in its favor.

Another factor that is in its support is that there is more room inside FWD car. The rear seats have no humps. The back seaters get more leg room and can travel more comfortably in such cars. The mechanics are all up front hence these cars are designed to make the most of such space.

This allows the makers to provide more room for the front of the car too. Another advantage in FWD is that the weight of the engine on the front wheels so the traction is good during a climb drive. To drive in rainy and dry conditions a front-wheel-drive car is a good pick. With modern and advanced technology such as traction control, FWD cars are the best they’ve ever been.

In an all-wheel drive system, all the wheels get power, thanks to a pair of differentials at the axles that split the power front and back. Because all the wheels get power from the engine, they can all compensate when one starts to slip. It’s not quite the same as four-wheel drive, which has lower gearing for slow going through tough terrain.

All Wheel Drive


There are different kinds of all wheel drive cars. A few vehicles use the AWD all the time. This means that a small percentage of the power output of the engine drives the rear wheels. The rest is used for the front wheels. Depending on conditions this can change.

In some of the AWD, the rear wheels receive power only when the conditions need it meaning that this AWD system works part time. At other times the front wheels get all the power leading to fuel economy.

In snowy condition, the traction in all wheel drive is improved. An all-wheel drive system is a better choice for a drive in rough territory too. If you make a lot of trips over the mountain pass during the winter, an AWD is a good choice. With that said, you can also put winter tires on a FWD vehicle and get comparable results.

Knowing the difference you can choose for yourself what kind of a car suits your requirements best and buy a car according to your needs.

To learn more about an FWD or AWD car for sale in Olympia, contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002


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