Why the Toyota Tundra Crewmax is the Perfect Truck for Seattle Construction Workers

Every Seattle construction worker knows it, whether they admit it or not. There is just construction-2578410_640something about the ride over to the construction site that seems to set the day into motion. The work truck is the office. Like any office anywhere, the office environment directly affects the quality of the work.

Sure, there are essentials to every work truck, especially in construction. One of the first things learned in the world of construction is that there is a tool for everything. If there is a tool for everything, there must be a truck that can handle the tools. Tools are not light. Depending on the project for the day, it may be that the truck has to not only tote the tools but also tow more equipment and tools behind it on a trailer. The truck just might be the hardest working employee on staff.

Serving as the office for the crew, the mobile shop full of tools, and the means of transporting crucial pieces of equipment, the work truck must also be able to endure the extreme contours of the worksite landscape. An immobile work truck is labor lost. Hills, valleys, rocks, and holes are the proving grounds of a suspension that can handle twists, binds, and contortions that cannot be replicated in the lab. The real world is a hard place for the construction crew. And they need a truck that can handle it.

That truck is the Toyota Tundra Crewmax. It meets the criteria of a solid work truck. The 72281A-2016-Toyota-Tundra-4WD-TruckToyota Tundra Crewmax has the interior space and features to create that office environment for up to five crew members. This is a truck that can handle the weight of tools while safely towing much needed equipment. The Crewmax was made for the challenging terrain of the worksite. The Toyota Tundra Crewmax is the ideal work truck for any construction crew.

Chief Engineer, Mike Sweers, listened to Toyota customers when designing the rear seats on the Tundra Crewmax. Every detail, down to the angle of the back of the seat, was considered for the comfort and benefit of the crew member. Seats are cushioned and curved to the specs of a topline sudan. And, when the crew is small, the seat bottoms fold up to create a whole new and large compartment for storing more tools safely. The Toyota Tundra Crewmax is a most functional office for the construction crew.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) came out with a new standard in 2014. It is known as SAEJ2807. While some customers grew concerned when the tow rating dropped a bit on the Crewmax, Mike Sweers said it was all about honesty. The same great truck endured the same grueling tests. Toyota wanted to make sure they were in full compliance with all safety standards while being fully open and honest with their customers. So the Toyota Tundra Crewmax can fully function as a safe mobile shop for your tools and a means of towing the needed equipment.

Two things make the Toyota Tundra Crewmax ideal for worksite terrain. It uses an open C frame that flexes and turns with the contours of harsh landscape, absorbing the teeth-jarring, tool-flinging rigidity of a box frame. Also, it uses a two-piece drivetrain that opens up and extends the truck’s clearance. Mike Sweers explains both.

It only makes sense. If you want the day to start off right so that you get the best work out of your crew, then it makes sense to give them this rolling experience of a work truck. The work truck is the hardest working employee. And the Toyota Tundra Crewmax will show up and perform daily.

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