Cheapest Jeeps Near Olympia

Like the Jeep, but want one that’s affordable? Every year, Jeep releases new models that are not all expensive and actually even up to used cars who fall around the $20,000. It is not of the highest end version with the expandable amenities, but what is has and the value it brings may be more important, especially if you are a driver who just needs to get around. Here are the newly affordable Jeeps of this past year.

Jeep Compass SportU92700-2014-Jeep-Compass

The Compass was created during (unfortunately) the massive recession, bringing the end of Chrysler and Dodge. The Compass was still selling well, but it is the end after this year with a new version next year, brand spanking new and finally fully with the times. So, while the new version is to be released and is expected to be expensive, look to this year’s Compass, which is still good and affordable – especially that it should be even more discounted. It looks great on the street with all-roadhandling, a 2.4-liter/180 horsepower engine, and a six-speed manual or nine-speed auto transmission. The Compass can be tailored fit with the Trailhawk trim to help with any off-road driving. The U-Connect infotainment for Apple or Android are other helpful amenities that can be installed.

Jeep Patriot Sport


This is the Patriot’s last stand as Jeep with be dumping the Patriots and merge it with the Compass for a striking new crossover in 2018. Still, the new 2017 Patriot is worth a look and buy with its five-speed manual, six-speed auto gears, or CVT. Choose between a158-horsepower and 2.0-liter or the 172-horsepower and 2.4-liter, both of them on four cylinders. All versions have front wheel drive, but the option of all-wheel is possible. U-Connect infotainment system plus satellite radio is installed to counter the box construction that some may found annoying but a reminder of the classical Jeep past.

Jeep Renegade Sport

yellow jeep renegade

With the crossover genre of cars, the Jeep Renegade is the company’s vision of a vehicle being very affordable but ideally likable. It has the classic Jeep style with traditional slatted front grille and big headlights, albeit smaller than the original Jeep size. It has a 160-horsepower turbo engine with a six-gear manual shift, but for extra, one can get the 180-horsepower version with a nine-gear on automatic. It comes with front-wheel drive, but the all-wheel drive can be chosen. There is also the U-Connect infotainment system for Apple and Android usage. So, even with the additional feature that would bump the price to around $20,000, it’s still a car for a good value.

Find a New or Used Jeep Near Olympia


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Some details may be incorrect or outdated, contact dealer for Jeep pricing information


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