Jeep Wranglers You Should Check Out Near Tacoma

For the long-time Jeep lovers and for those who are thinking of going to check out the Jeeps, the new classical Wrangler is here and it is nothing like the previous models in the past. Four models, the Rubicon, the Sport, Sport-S, and Sahara have differences in external and internal features but continue the Jeep tradition in ride and look. The Wrangler’s new look is one to admire and desired like all new cars.  


Exterior Features

The Wrangler features various roofs: hardtop, soft top, or no top, the new Sky One-TouchPower Top can convert the roof from an enclosed vehicle to an open-sky. For those who are into the traditional no-door Jeep, the new Wrangler has a new system that makes the removal and installation of their doors much easier, as well as with their windshield for a complete open air setting. The bumpers have been remade to have integrated wash nozzles; LED headlamps have been installed for the Wrangler’s Sahara and Rubicon version which includes LED fog and tail lamps. Other features, such as the wheels, can be customized to one’s liking based on the model of the Wrangler.

Interior Features

The 2018 Wrangler has infused Jeep’s historical style with modern technology and materials to construct a comfortable interior. This includes new leather-trimmed seating with body support and heated front seats, plenty of rear seat legroom and fitting armrests. A 7-inch Driver Information Digital Display and the Uconnect system with Apple CarPlay makes the infotainment as interactive as possible with making and receiving calls and text messages, playing music, and following directions while handling advanced traffic without losing focus on the road. The cherry on top is the Alpine Premium Audio System with a multi-channel amplifier and speakers and an improved acoustic system that keeps the sound inside and not leave the vehicle.



Driving Features

Like its predecessors, the new Wrangler has the tire traction for all driving conditions in thanks to the special treads in their tires. There are three 4×4 systems to drive with to handle any style the drivers want. Jeep has also improved the strength of their 3.6-Liter Penta star engine, giving 285 horsepower and moving 260 lb-ft of torque with a gas economy of 17 city/23 highway mpg, the most fuel-efficient Wrangler to be produced. Safety is also important and Jeep has added advanced front and side airbags and steel beams for better side-impact protection. Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Path Detection, and rear-view cameras all catch any passing cars the driver may not see, keeping up with the times of advanced safety procedures in all new vehicles.  

The 2018 Wrangler stays with its history in mixing up the past and present, pushing a cutting edge design and modern features with traditional feel of past Jeeps. Drivers like Jeeps and know what a Jeep feels like when they get behind one. The innovation in technology with the materials on the inside to promote driver comfort makes it all the more convenient.

Save Money By Buying a Used Jeep Wrangler Near Tacoma

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