Five Reasons To Buy The 2017 Ford Fiesta in Olympia

Looking to buy a new car with many great features and is inexpensive? The 2017 Ford Fiesta has many positive things that a driver looks for a new car. Here are five reasons in particular to buy the new Ford Fiesta.

  1. It Is Affordable27854-2015-Ford-Fiesta

The 2017 Fiesta maintains Ford’s reputation as having a fairly inexpensive price tag on its vehicles. This is a popular factor for consumers buying a new vehicle because the economy is not as strong as before, as car buyers are looking at used, older vehicles. Car buyers also want a vehicle that does not cost a lot to maintain, which is what the Fiesta is capable of doing. It has plenty of miles per gallon in the tank and does not fail on the body to keep the cost of maintenance down. The Fiesta does not hold back on style, maintaining the look of past Fiestas.

  1. Style Is Key

The Fiesta has an incredibly shaped body with an interior that fits the bill for comfort. The exterior includes an arched roof, strong headlamps tucked in into the front ends, and a low, widened front and mouth. Inside, the cabin has not changed compared to other Ford Fiestas. It still has soft materials for sitting, wide cup holders, and small storage places to hold various things.The car is also relatively quiet from inside thanks to an adjustment with the hood to cut down on engine noise.

  1. It’s Powerful And Safe

The Fiesta’s horsepower ranges from 120 to 197 with a 1.6-liter engine, giving plenty of power driving on any road. Expect an effective miles-per-gallon rate between 31 and 41, based on street or highway usage, showcasing effective fuel economy. The same goes with its safety features, which includes in-vehicle assistance, sturdy passenger airbags for front and side impact, and child safety locks. In addition, the Fiesta has warning systems for ignition and low tires pressure, plus parking guide and a security alarm system loud enough to ward off any carjacker.

  1. Smart Features From Inside


The in-vehicle and parking assistance is part of the car’s advanced technology. The Fiesta has SYNC 3, which provides Apple CarPlay to keep drivers connected to their iPhone while driving. That means there’s no reason to not have the eyes on the road while driving. SYNC 3 permits users to check voicemail, send and receive texts, and play songs.

  1. A Warranty And An Impression

This car includes a 36,000-mile, three-year warranty with complete coverage; the powertrain warranty is five years, 60,000 miles. For drivers, this is comforting just in case of some issue that comes up when in use such as any unexpected maintenance problems. Ford dealerships across the country have customized shops for its entire vehicle to give any expert repairs. New drivers of the 2017 Ford Fiesta have praised it for its high fuel economy, easy steering, and special features, which allows the car to be worth driving around for long periods of time.

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Best Used SUV Models for Big Families

Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs are slowly replacing the sedan as the go-to car for families.  SUVs are sturdier and more durable so there is a level of safety and protection against accidents.  They are also able to accommodate more people in general and has space to carry a lot of things, so it’s perfect as well for long road trips where you need to bring lots of luggage and other stuff on the trip.  It really does seem more functional than your standard mid-sized sedan.

Let’s take a look at some of the best SUVs out there for large families and see one that’s great for your needs:

Toyota Highlander


The Toyota Highlander is a very versatile full-sized family SUV that does everything well. This SUV can hold up to eight passengers (including the driver) with three rows of seating.  It also has the ability to cram as much as 83.7 cubic feet of stuff.  Its chassis actually allows you to handle this vehicle more like a standard car than what one might expect of an SUV.

Chevrolet Suburban


If you’re looking for an SUV that can go through any terrain and can carry huge load of cargo then you might want to take a look at the Chevrolet Suburban.  The Chevrolet Suburban has long been at the top of the lists of affordable full-sized SUVs for many years especially when it comes to utility. It has a pick-up based platform so it allows you to tow up to 8,100 lbs and store as much as 121.1 cubic feet of cargo which is huge by any SUV standard. It even has a nine-passenger seating so you can really bring the whole family and your dog too.

Dodge Durango


The Dodge Durango is a large SUV that is great for families that are looking for something practical along with something big and sturdy.  Nothing says big and sturdy than the Durango.   Available in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive models, the Durango can haul up to seven passengers at any given time while still having a storage capability of 84.5 cubic feet.  This vehicle is great for long road trips as it handles very smoothly, more so than most truck-based SUVs can handle.  Truly a monster on the road but still safe and practical for any big family.

Honda Pilot


Not to be outdone, Honda also has its own brand of SUVs that can compare to some of the SUVs on this list.  The  used Honda Pilot has a conservative style and look which is classic in most SUVs but still able to carry as much as eight passengers in one go while able to carry a cargo of up to 83.9 cubic feet.  This SUV is not to be outdone when it comes to the power of its engine as it comes with a standard 3.5-liter V6 engine that carries up to 280 horsepower and up to 262 lb-feet of torque.

Ford Expedition

If you like huge, then the 29130A-2011-Ford-ExpeditionFord Expedition is the SUV for you.  This powerhouse of an SUV is able to carry up to eight passengers.  It can also carry an amazing 130.8 cubic feet of cargo so it’s perfect not just for families but for people who haul a lot of stuff from one place to another. The Expedition also handles towing especially well and is able to carry up to 9,200 lb trailers with no difficulty at all for the vehicle.  This is the recommended SUV of choice when looking for something big and can carry a huge amount of cargo.

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The Best Ford SUV for Working Moms

If you’re a working mom, it’s important that you have the best Ford SUV out there to help you with daily tasks and adventures. You’ll often have to go through long drives or commutes to work, and you may not know where to start in regards to buying the best Ford SUV for you and for your family. You need something that you can rely on so that you, your children, and the rest of your family is safe. If you’re looking for something to get you through those drives, then the 2017 Ford Edge may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The 2017 Ford Edge is one of the brand’s biggest sellers in the SUV category. Everything about this vehicle shows its capability and reliability, no matter where you have to go or for how long. With the 2017 Ford Edge, you’re promised a smooth and safe ride to ensure not only your safety, but the safety of others on the road and in the car.

One of the best part of the Ford Edge is that it can carry up to 3500 pounds, so it can definitely bring you wherever you need to go. While many cars may have a harder time carrying the bags and suitcases you’ll pack for your long trip, you don’t have to worry about that with the Ford Edge. You also don’t have to worry about it overheating because it can carry you and your passengers pretty much anywhere!

When it comes to safety, you can’t get much better than this. The Ford Edge has ranked with top-tiered results in nearly every test, except for the IIHS small-overlap frontal test. This test determines how a car will perform if being hit with a full frontal force; for example, a head-on collision with another car. Other than this mishap, the vehicle is equipped with plenty of other safety measures; for example, an airbag is mounted in the glovebox so that the passenger’s knees are protected if an accident occurs. The car also has LED headlights and parking assistance to ensure the best possible circumstances so that you, your passengers, and your family have the opportunity to get to your destination – and back – safely.

The main complaint about the Ford Edge resides in both the lack of seats and the short amount of space for the passengers in the second row of seating. While this may be annoying, you children probably don’t have very long legs, so you don’t have to worry about this too much. However if you have a large family, the Ford Expedition might be the better choice.

Overall, the 2017 Ford Edge fairs better than most SUVs in regards to performance. It has two hundred and forty-five horsepower, along with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4. For those who don’t know what that means, the 2.0-liter inline-4 is an extremely popular and respected engine. Not only this, but all of the Ford Edge engines happen to be 6-speed automatics.

If you’re looking for an SUV that will fare well under long drives and with multiple passengers that you’ve come to the best place. The Ford Edge is the best SUV for working moms, especially those who commute for long durations of time, then you’re in the right place because the 2017 Ford SUV is the best on the market.  If you don’t mind the missing third row and less space for your feet in the second row, then head on over to the dealership to find the best Ford Edge for your needs.
To learn more about a Ford Edge in Olympia or to take on for a test drive, contact Washington Auto Credit today. 

Surprisingly Luxurious Ford Vehicle Options

Luxury cars are known for providing both incredible performance and comfort, going above and beyond the expected or necessary. When the average driver thinks of luxury car brands, the names BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Land Rover frequently come to mind. These are, after all, some of the most iconic luxury brands. The next thing that comes to mind is money, and lots of it. The price tags on these brands are incredibly steep. There is even a Mercedes Benz priced at over $200,000! Many people do not know, however, that Ford also offers a line of luxury cars, and at more reasonable prices to boot. The Expedition, GT, and Mustang are among some of Ford’s more luxurious vehicles. While they may not look like your typical luxury car, they offer many of the amenities that pricier cars offer, and their engines can even be considered superior, with greater dependability.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition, a luxury SUV, offers a 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine. The EcoBoost engine features twin air-to-air turbochargers for power on demand, direct injection allowing the driver access to every bit of fuel, and outstanding responsiveness. The cargo space in the Expedition is best-in-class, offering up to 130.8 cubic feet, allowing you to take anything, anywhere. In terms of modern luxury, the Expedition also has the option of FordPass, which allows you to schedule maintenance, request roadside assistance, or reserve parking in applicable areas. The VSync 3 touchscreen console allows the driver to change the radio or GPS completely hands free with only their voice. Most importantly, the Expedition comes with the government’s highest safety rating, at five out of five stars. A 2017 base model Ford Expedition can be purchased for around $47,125* – Learn about auto financing a Ford Expedition in Olympia

Ford GT

The Ford GT features the same 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine as the Expedition in a smaller, sportier package. It is aerodynamically designed for incredible efficiency, and is truly one of Ford’s greatest creations. The rear wing is built to change shape to completely optimize this amazing car’s performance. The GT also features buttressing for increased aerodynamics and body strength. With its aerodynamically minded shape and a 600 horsepower engine, this car is the definition of luxury and sport performance. The Ford GT is no longer available for purchase.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been the number one sports car for 45 years. With such a reputation, it’s no surprise that the Mustang is also the epitome of luxury. With a 5.2 liter V-8, 526 horsepower engine, and 429 lb-ft of torque, the Mustang is a wonderfully exhilarating ride with an interior to match. The interior is superior to what most other sports cars have to offer, featuring VSync 3, high quality materials, heated and cooled front seats, and more cubic storage space than many other sports cars. The Ford Mustang can be purchased for close to twenty six thousand dollars.
Sure, none of these cars are Aston Martins or Land Rovers, but they are certainly incredible luxury at excellent prices. To learn more about Ford vehicles, or to see a new Ford for sale in Olympia, contact Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002

How to pick the right SUV when car shopping

If you’re out looking for a new vehicle, and you know you want an SUV, you may find that it is more difficult to get exactly what you are looking for, because you may not even know what it is you truly want. We all go car shopping with some vague expectations, but rarely do we stop to consider how those expectations can best be met. If you haven’t found the perfect SUV just yet and you still want to get your hands on one, these are some things to consider to find the right SUV for you.
The first thing you need to do is identify what it is you want out of an SUV. Do you want one simply because you like the way SUVs look? Do you need one to better suit your needs as a driver, or as a parent? If you want an SUV for personal preference alone, finding the right one is as simple as deciding which aesthetic design you like the most. On the otwhite ford explorerher hand, choosing an SUV for practical reasons can be more difficult, because you must then ask yourself more questions.

The Ford Explorer is an excellent SUV choice if aesthetics are of top importance to you.

Among these is the basic functions of every vehicle, but particularly the things SUVs are designed to provide in greater supply. For instance, how much space do you need? Are you looking for an SUV to transport passengers, or cargo? Depending on your answer, you’ll need to look at SUVs that have different amounts of seating space of cargo space, and you’ll be able to narrow down your choices.

The Toyota Sequoia is one of the most spacious SUVs on the market.

toyota sequoia
Do you want an SUV with a kick when it moves like the V8 Toyota Sequoia, or something fuel efficient like the Rav4? While one option is more practical and the other is of a personal nature, this is often a differential factor in varying models and can help you eliminate the SUVs that don’t meet your desires from your list of choices.

If fuel efficiency is a big deal to you, choose the Toyota Rav4 or Ford Escape.

The best tip of all for finding the right SUV when car shopping is simply to answer all of the important questions before you ever actually begin. You have to decide what is most important to you in a car, or if there are two things that you want but they cannot both be acquired in one vehicle, you must decide on which one is more important than the other. After all, if you answer these questions and decide on these things, it is a simple matter to cross off SUVs that don’t meet the criteria you have set for yourself.
The key is simply being clear on what you want in a vehicle, and what you want more than some other feature. As long as you are clear on those, you can examine any SUV you like and easily decide whether or not it should be a candidate for your personal vehicle. Other than that, all you have to do is shop at Washington Auto Credit to get a great deal and to get an easy auto loan in Olympia.

Which Used Volkswagens Are Best For New College Graduates?

Graduating from college is a lot of work, and when one finally gets out of that educational nightmare that took so many years off of their life, they’d really rather their next steps in life be nice and simple. If that includes choosing a new car, then it can be difficult to find a vehicle that is ideal for the recent college graduate. Even so, it’s not impossible, especially when Volkswagen goes to such great lengths to create stellar and affordable vehicles. Naturally, what most college grads care about with a new vehicle is how cheap it is for them, without trading off worthwhile quality. That being the case, Volkswagen fulfills the criteria with ease.

It’s also wise to remember that some of the best vehicles for college students are used Volkswagens, with brand new cars being as expensive as they are. Just because a car is used doesn’t mean it doesn’t possess quality, epitomizing the balance of capability and cost that every college grad needs.

Used Volkswagen Golf92602A-2013-Volkswagen-Golf-R

The Volkswagen Golf can provide a college student with plenty of space, without having to purchase an SUV. Its 1.8 Liter four cylinder engine is very practical for city driving. Many used VW Golfs have a good range of features like a 10 speaker stereo and a folding rear seat. Safety features like anti-lock brakes and traction control, making it a perfect city transport vehicle. That said, the Volkswagen Golf is a comfortable vehicle, but it certainly isn’t a luxury vehicle with all of the interior amenities expected of a more expensive vehicle.

Used Volkswagen Jetta

If you’re looking for an extremely affordable yet capable sedan from Volkswagen, you can’t do much better than a used Volkswagen Jetta. Your engine size will depend on the year you purchase, but many Jettas come with a 1.4 Liter four cylinder engine that gets very impressive gas mileage. It also comes with Power windows, door locks and cruise control come with the base Jetta S, as do a CD player and anti-lock brakes. These aspects of the highly reviewed Volkswagen Jetta make it a very functional and capable vehicle for the recent college grad, and for a good price as well.

Used Volkswagen Beetlered vw beetle

A fun and functional vehicle, the Volkswagen Beetle is perfect for the college grad that wants something unique. The 1.8 Liter four cylinder engine has a good amount of pep for daily driving. It also comes with a six-speaker stereo system and a CD player as well as heated front seats. For a reasonable price a college grad can have a vehicle that provides them with all of the basic needs and capabilities of a good vehicle.

While Volkswagen makes great new cars all the same as the old ones, a recent college graduate is much better off buying a used car that is still perfectly capable of providing everything a new addition to the workforce might need in transportation. Volkswagen has a reputation to uphold, and thankfully, they never fail.

Many new college graduates have little to no credit, that’s why shopping with Washington Auto Credit is a great choice. We can help buyers with little to no credit get auto financing. If you are interested in a used Volkswagen for sale, contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today! Text us at (253) 271-5565 and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Which Used Toyota Vehicles Are The Best to Buy or Finance?

New cars come out every year, but let’s be honest: most of us don’t buy new cars as soon as they come out, used toyota camrybecause new cars can be pretty expensive. A lot of us prefer to buy used cars, because they are still reliable and a lot more affordable. That said, Toyota vehicles are super reliable as far as used cars are concerned, and a lot of people turn to Toyota for the perfect used vehicle to get the most quality for their money.

Of course, it’s important to remember that getting a used car is more about reliability than anything else. The prestige of the car is irrelevant when buying a used car, because that has nothing to do with the quality of the car now. The one thing that affects how reliable a used car will be above all else is how well maintenance was conducted by the previous owner.

Toyota Land Cruiser

You never know what a used vehicle has been through before you get your hands on it, which means you may want to pick one of the vehicles most well-known for its unquestionable fortitude. The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the closest things you can get to a tank when it comes to stability and resilience. Regardless of age, it is capable of withstanding years and years of stress and damage. That makes it one of the best used Toyotas to acquire, because no matter what it has been through it is almost always in good shape. If you want a big SUV that can handle the toughest conditions, look into purchasing a used Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota Camry

While other mid-sized cars have fallen short in their ability to maintain some semblance of stability over time, the Toyota Camry is one of the few vehicles in this category to stay true to its make. The Toyota Camry, like the aforementioned Land Cruiser, is a reliable vehicle that doesn’t encounter anywhere near as many issues as some of its competitors as it ages throughout the years: a good quality for any used car to possess. The less issues it has over time the longer it will last you. The Camry has been produced for many years, and is one of thused toyota 4runner graye most popular sedans on the road. For this reason, it’s easy to find a used Camry at a very affordable price.

Toyota 4Runner

As you probably figured out by now, what we base the quality of these vehicles on is their long-term reliability and resilience. That’s why the Toyota 4Runner is on this list as well, because, like the Camry and Land Cruiser, it’s tough. The 4Runner is a resilient vehicle option that can endure year after year of rough and tumble ownership from either you or the previous owner, making it the ideal choice as a used car. The 4Runner also has an excellent resale value and is a popular choice in the Pacific Northwest. This makes it an easy choice since it’ll hold it’s value long into its life.

Of course, these are not all of the cars Toyota has made that are perfect as used vehicles, but these are some of the best ones. If you’re looking for a great used car that will make for the perfect choice in vehicle options, Toyota has got you covered. They have some of the best vehicles available, used or new, and it’s just one more reason why they’re trusted as one of the best car manufacturers around. If you would like to view a used Toyota for sale, contact Washington Auto Credit today!

5 Tips for Buying and Financing a New Truck

Whether you have owned many trucks, or this is your first truck purchase, you will want to read these five tips to help your next truck buying experience go smoothly. When searching for your next truck it’s important that it not only meets your needs and wants, but also fits in your budget. Here are some tips on finding the perfect truck for you and keeping it affordable.

Make Sure it Has What You Need

When you step on the car lot, you are probably going to be tempted to test drive the fully loaded brand new truck with all the bells and whistles. There’s no question that having features like heated seats and sunroof are going to make your driving experience more enjoyable, but are these things that you can’t live without? You might decide that a sunroof is very important to you however leather seats aren’t. This is good information to give your salesperson so they can properly match you with a truck and you don’t have to pay for features that you aren’t going to use. There is a good chance that you are buying a truck because you are using it for towing, hauling, or off-roading. Make sure your truck meets all of these needs before making the plunge and purchasing. Whether you are buying new or used, you should be able to hop online and find out your trucks specs to make sure it matches all your needs.

Consider buying a 4×2

Many truck buyers go right to the 4×4 section when looking to buy a truck, but a large portion of these people never even use the 4×4 on their truck. If you aren’t going to use it, why pay the extra money for it? 4×2 trucks are almost always less expensive than their 4×4 counterpart and visually they are often very similar. Unless you plan on doing some serious off-roading, the 4×2 might be the better option for you and will save your wallet the extra strain that the 4×4 truck price tag creates.

Make Sure It Has Enough Power

If you are using your truck to tow a trailer than you want to make sure it has the power to handle it. This should come as a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people purchase before thoroughly reviewing their new trucks specs. If you are using the bed of your truck to haul a fifth wheel, you will also want to make sure that your truck has enough payload to handle it. Tell your sales rep what you plan on towing and they should be able to help you figure out if your new truck can handle it.

Consider Buying Used

There is no question that the new car smell is nice, but is it worth the price? If you buy a truck that is just a year or two old, there is a good chance it will still be under the manufacturer’s warranty (make sure to ask your salesperson about this) and it can be much less expensive than buying new. If you are worried about your used vehicle having mechanical problems, you can also see if your dealer offers extended coverage warranties to make sure you are prepared if the unexpected happens. By buying used, you will most likely save a lot of money compared to buying new and for this reason many buyers choose this route.

Check Your Financing Options

When you buy your new or used truck, make sure you get a good finance rate to keep your payments down. If you have credit problems: GET PRE-APPROVED FIRST. Don’t waste hours and hours looking for the perfect truck, only to be disappointed. To see what rates you can qualify for financing in the Olympia, Washington area, contact Washington Auto Credit today.

Top 10 New Years Credit Resolutions

  1. I will improve my credit this year.
  2. I will spend less than I earn.
  3. I will pay all my bills BEFORE the due date.
  4. I will pay off my credit cards in full each month.
  5. I will make sure all the data on my credit is accurate.
  6. I will fix all inaccurate items on my credit.
  7. I will pay off high interest debt first.
  8. I will get a better auto loan.
  9. I will file bankruptcy.
  10. I will buy a new car.

Improving your credit is a multi-step process. Your credit score is a combination of your installment loan history, revolving credit history (like credit cards), and your public record information such as collections and bankruptcies.

At Washington Auto Credit, we can help with some of the items on this list. We know lawyers that specialize in bankruptcy. We work with credit repair companies that can help increase your credit scores. We help people get a great auto loan to buy a car.

If you want to make a change for the better this year, give us an opportunity to help you.

Simple Steps To Improving Your Credit Score So You Can Buy a Car

Do you want to buy a car with bad credit, but you are afraid that you will be paying a very high interest rate?? In most cases it is true that the better your credit score, the lower interest rate you will pay. A lower interest rate is important because the lower the rate, the less your monthly car payment will be. If you have low (or no) credit, luckily there are some steps you can take right away to improve it.

Pay off debt

Pay Bills

Did you know that the average U.S. household has around $15,000 of debt? If you are in debt, don’t stress because you aren’t alone. HIgh numbers of debt can have a negative impact on your credit score. First step is to pay off the debt that has the highest interest rate. A lot of the time your highest interest rate is on credit cards, so check which of your credit cards have the highest rate and pay those off first.

Accumulate more credit

Just having credit history can help your credit score, plus it is important to lenders to see that you have some credit history before they give you a loan. If you don’t already have a credit card, you will want to consider getting one. Do some research and see which financial institutions offer the best credit card for you. Many have benefits including 0% interest for a period of time, or cash back on purchases. Having a credit card and paying your bill on time is important to helping your credit score.

Keep credit balances low

Just because you have a credit balance of $10,000 on your credit card doesn’t mean you should use it all up. Try to only use your credit card when you need it. It’s okay to make payments on your credit card as long as you make them on time. Late payments can get turned into the credit bureau and impact your credit history. Making all your payments on time should help your credit score over time and help you reach your goal of purchasing a new car.

Talk to WA Auto Credit

Do you know what your interest rate would be with your current credit score? It might be better than you think! WA Auto Credit can help you decide if it is worth attempting to improve your credit score before you purchase a car, or if it is a good choice to act now. For information on a fast auto loan, contact Washington Auto Credit today!