Dodge Journey Buying Options with Bad Credit

The Dodge Journey is one of the hottest crossovers on the market. The exterior of the Journey definitely has the “Dodge look” that consumers love.  Its sporting a tried and tested frame and is available in both 5 and 7 passenger configurations. So what’s good about the 2017 Dodge Journey and where can you buy a Journey with bad credit?

Features & Trimmings2017_dodge_journey_crossroad_28joshua_tree29

As previously mentioned the Dodge Journey comes in both five and seven seats, and has 5 different trim levels that you can choose from. These are:

  • Base SE
  • Crossroad
  • SXT
  • GT
  • Crossroad Plus

Base SE

The base SE is the most basic model that you can buy, having said that it is not lacking in standard add-ons. The car comes complete with 17” steel wheels which fit nicely with the size of the car, roof rails where you can attach a rack for bikes, the mirrors are heated and it has a nice modern keyless entry system and touch button start. It also has:

  • Cruise Control
  • Climate control
  • Adjustable drivers seat
  • Telescoping and tilt steering wheel
  • Adjusting second row seats
  • 4.3” touch screen
  • Six speakers
  • USB port and auxiliary jack


The SXT model is similar to the base SE in the sense that it also has 17-inch alloy wheels, and adjustable seating. You also have to option to have exterior mirrors matching the body, a front fascia and LED lights.


Coming to the Cross road the wheels are slightly larger at 19” and the interior boasts a modern black gloss and chrome finish, with other leather trimmings. Along with a dimming rear-view mirror, it also has a satellite radio and bluetooth.

Crossroad Plus

The Cross road plus has leather interior as a standard, the front passenger seat can fold down to reveal a storage bin,and a driver seat that has six options, LED interior lighting, It has a 8.4 inch touchscreen with DVD, SD slot and cargo net.


The GT is the top form of the Dodge Journey series that you are able to purchase. With a V6 engine as part of the basic GT, the wheels remain 19” but they are slightly different to the other car forms. The suspension is sports based and the interior has perforated leather seats with stylish red stitching. The seats and steering wheel are also heated. Then you come to the speaker system, the vehicle has an audio system with a subwoofer and a power outlet.

Interior and Exterior2715_dodge_journey_28mias_271529

Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle are pleasing to look at. There are smartly placed and sized storage units inside the vehicle that is appropriate for those with a family. There is also the fact that the car has third row seats although not sized for a fully grown adult the third row seats are perfect if you have a few extra kids in the back or are carpooling another families kids.

Engine and Performance

It has a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine that at its most boasts 173 horsepower. There is also a higher spec engine available for the likes of the Dodge Journey GT.

The Dodge Journey 2017 is in keeping with its predecessors in appearance and function, and remains to be a good option for those with a large family.

Buying a Dodge with Less Than Perfect Credit

Don’t let less than perfect credit stop you from buying a Dodge Journey. Contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today or fill out their 2 minute credit application online to see if you qualify for financing on a new or used vehicle.


4 Great Used Vehicles for Buyers on a Tight Budget

Are you desperately in need of a new car, but have a small budget?  There’s absolutely no need to worry, as the option to purchase a used car in Olympia is always available, through which you will not only save money and stick to that budget of yours but you’ll also be able to select from a broad variety of automobiles that are all ready to be driven by you! This idea has been significantly promoted through the media and is encouraged to those who want to save big on cash.

Purchasing a used car model at a lower sale price does not in any way advocate the idea that the car maybe at fault, but its depreciation in price is the result of a simple concept. After the duration and use of one whole year a completely new car decreases in price approximately 27 percent from its original sale price and after the duration of only three years it has decreased 50 percent of its original price. This idea is both bitter for the full price payer but definitely sweet for you as this means that you are able to pay less for a car that isn’t incredibly ancient. However choosing the right second hand car is by no means a simple affair. As you probably want the best value for your money, an ideal used car should be reliable, reasonable, and most importantly –safe! In addition to this a car that has sustained damages due to accidents is to be avoided at all costs. To make this difficult decision a little less daunting, we’ve compiled a list of the top four used car models that you may want to consider!

  • Sedan Acura TL (2005): Through purchasing this car you can achieve the comfort of a luxury vehicle without spending large amounts of money! Incorporating modern design and innovative technology, this car will probably tick all of your boxes in terms of its numerous safety features, incredible convenient drive features, lush entertainment facilities and sleek design. The Sedan Acura TL 2005 model can offer a lot to its drivers so definitely keep this one in mind.
  • Subaru Impreza (2010):  This standard design provides its users with the of availability of a hatchback ideal for storage and common sedan body styles, as well as a rear seat that provides space for three adults that simply contribute to the Impreza’s  incredible versatility. Its design as an all wheel automobile definitely provides it an edge over other cars as this feature allows for a smooth and supple ride on the road. Research has indicated that the Subaru Impreza (2010) should provide no concerns for buyers!
  • SUVs Acura MDX (2005-06): This automobiles MDX’s silent interior and quick to respond handling allow for an enjoyable take on common family-friendly vehicles, show casing why this car hits the standard for three-row common crossover SUVs. If you’re looking for a car that is ideal and well suited for a family environment then you should probably keep this automobile in consideration. With its clever stylistic design and attractive features that car can provide much to its new owner!
  • Toyota Prius (2010-13): Results and experiments indicate that the Prius does not much require drivers to lose space or ride comfort to achieve a positive gas mileage, and now with the redesigned 2010 model a quieter, subtler engine and standard electronic stability control has been achieved. With its sleek and modern design finishes, you could have the most attractive wheels on the road if you decide to purchase this vehicle!

These are just a few examples of great used vehicles for buyer’s tight on cash. There are many other great used cars to choose from at Washington Auto Credit. Call us to learn more or visit us in person in the Olympia Auto Mall!

Top 10 New Years Credit Resolutions

  1. I will improve my credit this year.
  2. I will spend less than I earn.
  3. I will pay all my bills BEFORE the due date.
  4. I will pay off my credit cards in full each month.
  5. I will make sure all the data on my credit is accurate.
  6. I will fix all inaccurate items on my credit.
  7. I will pay off high interest debt first.
  8. I will get a better auto loan.
  9. I will file bankruptcy.
  10. I will buy a new car.

Improving your credit is a multi-step process. Your credit score is a combination of your installment loan history, revolving credit history (like credit cards), and your public record information such as collections and bankruptcies.

At Washington Auto Credit, we can help with some of the items on this list. We know lawyers that specialize in bankruptcy. We work with credit repair companies that can help increase your credit scores. We help people get a great auto loan to buy a car.

If you want to make a change for the better this year, give us an opportunity to help you.


How to Budget And Save for Your Car Down Payment

piggy bank

Budgeting to save for a down payment for your new car doesn’t mean you have to make major life changes. If you just put a few dollars away each day, you will have your down payment saved up in no time!  Here are some easy steps to help you save your next car down payment.

Set your Goal

First of all, you need to set a goal before you can make a plan to reach it. If you are buying a $20,000 vehicle and want to save 15% for your down payment, you will need to save $3000 total. Next you need to decide when you want to make your purchase. If you are planning on purchasing in six months, you will need to save about $16 per day or $499 a month. Now that we have a solid number, we can start eliminating spending to reach it! Please note that the amount of down payment you will need for your car varies depending on credit history and vehicle purchase. If you are not sure how much you will need to save for your down payment, contact WA Auto Credit.

Find out where your excess spending is and eliminate it

We all spend money on things we don’t really “need”. One of the easiest steps to start saving more money, is to stop spending where you don’t need to. First, you need to find out if you are overpaying on some of your monthly bills. A simple phone call to your local cable provider, or cell phone provider can save you up to hundreds of dollars each month. Next, you will need to figure out where your excess daily spending is. Do you have a daily trip to the espresso stand or go out to lunch? (Starbucks?) Making coffee at home, and packing a lunch to work can add up to help you save a lot of money each month!

For example, let’s assume you spend $3 for a latte and $10 for lunch each day at work. If you work 20 days a month, that equals $260 in total monthly spending! Coffee brewed at home costs about .27 a cup, and you can easily make a home packed lunch for around $2 a day. If you choose this route instead, you can save around $214 a month towards your down payment.

Consider getting a second job

If you tried cutting your fixed bills and daily spending, but the money still isn’t adding up, consider getting a second job. Making a little excess money can be as easy as mowing your neighbor’s lawn on the weekend, or picking up a night shift at a local restaurant. There are also many ways to make additional money online by taking surveys, driving for Uber, or by opening your own online store. Finding extra ways to make cash online is as just a Google search away. 


I Cannot Afford a Car Payment

I talk to people from time to time that say they cannot afford a car payment. With very few exceptions, those people are usually wrong. A lot of times there Continue reading