Why is my Credit Karma score different than the score car dealers see?


You may have noticed that every lender or car dealership that runs your credit seems to have a different credit score for you.  We talk to clients all the time that do not understand how different companies can pull The reason this happens is that inside each of the three main credit bureau brands (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) there are several different scoring models.

Perhaps you have heard these terms before: FICO, Beacon, Auto Enhanced…and there are more. There are even different score versions.  Your Equifax Beacon Version 5.0 Auto Enhanced score will be different than your Beacon 8.0 Auto Enhanced score. The non-Auto Enhanced version will also be different.

Why are there different scoring models? 

Each scoring version counts different types of good and bad credit differently. Then lenders use that data to weigh how each applicant will be scored for their loan.  For example, an Auto Enhanced score is supposed to better predict how well a consumer will pay an Auto Loan.  It makes sense if previous auto loan performance is given greater weight when scoring the odds of future auto loan repayment.  That is just one example.  There are more than I can possibly specify here.

Lenders usually pick a certain scoring model and stick with it for all of their applicants. That way every customer is compared on an “apples to apples” basis, because the scores are all weighed the same way.

Which credit scoring model does Credit Karma use?

Credit Karma currently uses something they call VantageScore 3.0.


This is the VantageScore 3.0 information provided on CreditKarma.com

What auto lenders use VantageScore 3.0?

None that I have found. VantageScore 3.0 seems to be designed strictly for consumers to monitor changes in their credit.

Can a lender use your VantageScore 3.0 Credit score instead of the credit score they pulled?

No. Lenders want to use the same scoring model for each applicant so that they can make decisions consistently, so you cannot use your 801 Vantage score instead of your 680 Beacon 8.0 score.   Using a different credit score to get a loan would be like using Venezuelan currency to pay your mortgage instead of US dollars.  It would be great for you, but not for the lender.

How does VantageScore 3.0 compare to credit scores that lenders use?

In my experience, the Credit Karma scores that users see are usually much higher than their “real” credit scores that lenders use.  There is nothing wrong with that, because the VantageScore 3.0 model just gives you a measurable number to keep track of.  If your VantageScore credit score goes down, your other credit score versions probably went down too. If your Credit Karma score goes up, the other scores probably went up.

The most important thing for you to remember when looking at your Credit Karma scores is that the scores you see ARE NOT your credit scores that lenders or auto dealers typically see.

If you want to get an idea of what your score is, without giving out your Social Security Number, fill out this form at Washington Auto Credit. Also, you may be given an idea as to how large of an auto loan you could be pre-approved for.


Five Reasons To Buy The 2017 Ford Fiesta in Olympia

Looking to buy a new car with many great features and is inexpensive? The 2017 Ford Fiesta has many positive things that a driver looks for a new car. Here are five reasons in particular to buy the new Ford Fiesta.

  1. It Is Affordable27854-2015-Ford-Fiesta

The 2017 Fiesta maintains Ford’s reputation as having a fairly inexpensive price tag on its vehicles. This is a popular factor for consumers buying a new vehicle because the economy is not as strong as before, as car buyers are looking at used, older vehicles. Car buyers also want a vehicle that does not cost a lot to maintain, which is what the Fiesta is capable of doing. It has plenty of miles per gallon in the tank and does not fail on the body to keep the cost of maintenance down. The Fiesta does not hold back on style, maintaining the look of past Fiestas.

  1. Style Is Key

The Fiesta has an incredibly shaped body with an interior that fits the bill for comfort. The exterior includes an arched roof, strong headlamps tucked in into the front ends, and a low, widened front and mouth. Inside, the cabin has not changed compared to other Ford Fiestas. It still has soft materials for sitting, wide cup holders, and small storage places to hold various things.The car is also relatively quiet from inside thanks to an adjustment with the hood to cut down on engine noise.

  1. It’s Powerful And Safe

The Fiesta’s horsepower ranges from 120 to 197 with a 1.6-liter engine, giving plenty of power driving on any road. Expect an effective miles-per-gallon rate between 31 and 41, based on street or highway usage, showcasing effective fuel economy. The same goes with its safety features, which includes in-vehicle assistance, sturdy passenger airbags for front and side impact, and child safety locks. In addition, the Fiesta has warning systems for ignition and low tires pressure, plus parking guide and a security alarm system loud enough to ward off any carjacker.

  1. Smart Features From Inside


The in-vehicle and parking assistance is part of the car’s advanced technology. The Fiesta has SYNC 3, which provides Apple CarPlay to keep drivers connected to their iPhone while driving. That means there’s no reason to not have the eyes on the road while driving. SYNC 3 permits users to check voicemail, send and receive texts, and play songs.

  1. A Warranty And An Impression

This car includes a 36,000-mile, three-year warranty with complete coverage; the powertrain warranty is five years, 60,000 miles. For drivers, this is comforting just in case of some issue that comes up when in use such as any unexpected maintenance problems. Ford dealerships across the country have customized shops for its entire vehicle to give any expert repairs. New drivers of the 2017 Ford Fiesta have praised it for its high fuel economy, easy steering, and special features, which allows the car to be worth driving around for long periods of time.

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Best Used SUV Models for Big Families

Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs are slowly replacing the sedan as the go-to car for families.  SUVs are sturdier and more durable so there is a level of safety and protection against accidents.  They are also able to accommodate more people in general and has space to carry a lot of things, so it’s perfect as well for long road trips where you need to bring lots of luggage and other stuff on the trip.  It really does seem more functional than your standard mid-sized sedan.

Let’s take a look at some of the best SUVs out there for large families and see one that’s great for your needs:

Toyota Highlander


The Toyota Highlander is a very versatile full-sized family SUV that does everything well. This SUV can hold up to eight passengers (including the driver) with three rows of seating.  It also has the ability to cram as much as 83.7 cubic feet of stuff.  Its chassis actually allows you to handle this vehicle more like a standard car than what one might expect of an SUV.

Chevrolet Suburban


If you’re looking for an SUV that can go through any terrain and can carry huge load of cargo then you might want to take a look at the Chevrolet Suburban.  The Chevrolet Suburban has long been at the top of the lists of affordable full-sized SUVs for many years especially when it comes to utility. It has a pick-up based platform so it allows you to tow up to 8,100 lbs and store as much as 121.1 cubic feet of cargo which is huge by any SUV standard. It even has a nine-passenger seating so you can really bring the whole family and your dog too.

Dodge Durango


The Dodge Durango is a large SUV that is great for families that are looking for something practical along with something big and sturdy.  Nothing says big and sturdy than the Durango.   Available in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive models, the Durango can haul up to seven passengers at any given time while still having a storage capability of 84.5 cubic feet.  This vehicle is great for long road trips as it handles very smoothly, more so than most truck-based SUVs can handle.  Truly a monster on the road but still safe and practical for any big family.

Honda Pilot


Not to be outdone, Honda also has its own brand of SUVs that can compare to some of the SUVs on this list.  The  used Honda Pilot has a conservative style and look which is classic in most SUVs but still able to carry as much as eight passengers in one go while able to carry a cargo of up to 83.9 cubic feet.  This SUV is not to be outdone when it comes to the power of its engine as it comes with a standard 3.5-liter V6 engine that carries up to 280 horsepower and up to 262 lb-feet of torque.

Ford Expedition

If you like huge, then the 29130A-2011-Ford-ExpeditionFord Expedition is the SUV for you.  This powerhouse of an SUV is able to carry up to eight passengers.  It can also carry an amazing 130.8 cubic feet of cargo so it’s perfect not just for families but for people who haul a lot of stuff from one place to another. The Expedition also handles towing especially well and is able to carry up to 9,200 lb trailers with no difficulty at all for the vehicle.  This is the recommended SUV of choice when looking for something big and can carry a huge amount of cargo.

Looking for a large used SUV for sale in Olympia? Contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 975-4739 – we can help you find the perfect SUV for your needs! 

Cleaning Tips after Buying a Lifted Jeep in Washington

jeep rock slidersMost Jeep owners love mud all over their jeeps, because they feel that mud on their jeeps is a right of passage. A downside to mud remaining on your jeep is that once it dries up, the harder it is to scrub off when you do decide to wash your car. Dried mud can affect your vehicle’s wheels by causing an imbalance which will make you drive more unevenly; dried up mud, particularly on the radiator can cause your Jeep to heat up and mud on the lights will obviously make them less bright, visible and less effective which will be dangerous when you drive at night.

As much as mud on your Jeep is considered as a right of passage or a badge of honour amongst other Jeep owners, the mud must be cleaned off your car as soon as reasonably possible. Here we provide some useful tips on how to clean your Jeep after going mudding:


  • Clean your car as soon as possible


Mud is different according to the region of origin. In some places the mud is watery and thin whilst in others it is thick almost like wet concrete. Regardless of the texture or type of mud, it is crucial and advisable that you wash the mud off as soon as possible. As soon as you return from mudding, its best you take a hose to that mud before it turns into concrete and becomes almost impossible to remove.


  • High pressureC318-2016-Jeep-Wrangler-Unlimited


Cleaning the mud of your car is already a tedious duty, to speed up the process you should use one of the following:

  • A Pressure washer, which is perfect if you have enough space and or the money to invest in one. Add a U-shaped attachment to your pressure washer to make it much easier to reach the undercarriage; and/or
  • Car Wash, this is an obvious choice as the pressure is often higher than using your own hose or a regular standard hose and the best part is the cleaning up duties are not on you. Another benefit of car washes is that they use warm water which makes the removal of mud much easier. It is important to remember that car washes will cost you around about $ 10 to $20.


  • Under the Hood


The engine will also need to be cleaned but this may be a problem because engines also have cables and wires which should not get wet. You can either carefully clean the engine bay by using a hose, towel and brush. Some have tried leaving their engine on and this pressure has washed the engine. You could also try steam cleaning your engine whilst your electronics are covered by plastics. Another option could also be using Simple Green as it can speed up the cleaning process.


  • Clean everywhere


Make sure you try and clean all the parts as they can have little cracks that can retain mud. Whilst you are cleaning under the hood, also clean the radiator and any other small crevices.

Buy a Lifted Jeep with Poor Credit in Washington

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Can I buy a 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 with bad credit?

Worried that your credit score will prevent you from buying a Dodge Ram 2500 in Washington? You might be surprised to find out that getting financing on a truck is easier than ever. The Dodge 2500 is a great truck too! Here is how it stacks up to the competition.

Comparisons – a must

When you have a truck like a Dodge Ram 2500 in front of you, you are sure to compare it with at least two models like Chevy Silverado and/or the Ford F-250. Both of these trucks are worthy competitors. Comparisons can be made on various fronts like convenience, price, performance, utility and the like.



All three models offer the Smartphone integration that is a must have with the new Washington state laws that make it illegal to hold your cellphone while driving. The Uconnect System in the Dodge ram 2500 has a very slight edge over the Superduty’s Sync 3 and the Mylink of the Chevy Silverado. The 8.4” display screen is a better one in the former compared to the 8” of the other two.


The rear view cameras are similar in the Dodge Ram 2500 and Chevy Silverado, and enables you to keep your vehicle as well as valuables safe. The F-250 has seven cameras which aid in keeping an eye on the cargo. All three have a job-utility in place, albeit a little differently.

Power:car speedometer

The Ram 2500 allows the drivers to balance the torque and horsepower with a V8 engine of 5.7 liter capacity having a 383 horsepower and a torque of 400 lbs. the engine of Chevy Silverado is a 6 liter V8 and a 380 lbs torque and 360 horsepower. The F-250 with a 6.7 liter V8 engine and 925 lbs torque and 440 horsepower is comparatively on top of the former two.


Of course, similar vehicles are placed with almost the same price range, yet many a time you do have a difference of a few thousand dollars between the vehicles of different companies. Starting price for a new Dodge Ram 2500 is around $32,145 and is between that of Chevy Silverado and Ford F-250.

How to purchase a truck in Washington with Poor Credit

If you have less than perfect credit and want to buy a truck, take our 2 minute auto loan application or call Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002



Don’t Let Poor Credit Stop You From Enjoying The 2017 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is the perfect vehicle for families, or couples that need a lot of extra space. Toyota has provided a lot of excellent and useful features in the most recent version of the Sienna, making this one of the most desirable minivans on the market.

The Sienna’s Interior2012_toyota_sienna

The 2017 Toyota Sienna has convenient and easy to use features and boast a new modern design.

As a standard application the people carrier comes with:

  • Bluetooth
  • A rear view camera
  • Entune infotainment system which is 6.1 inches and touch screen to make it easier to use
  • Siri eyes free
  • USB ports

It’s optional features include:

  • A 7 inch instead of 6.1 inch touchscreen
  • A Moonroof
  • Front and rear parking assist
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Automatic pre collision braking
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Six speaker sound system
  • HD Radio
  • 10 speaker sound system including subwoofer
  • Smartphone app integration
  • Entune App suite
  • Driver easy speak
  • Optional dual view blu Ray disk entertainment system

Obviously some of the features that are available with the standard issue of the vehicle but taking a look at the optional features you can really see what this minivans potential capability is.  But first let’s have a look at one of the new standard features.
Siri Eyes Free

This feature is for those of you who have an iOS device. Siri Eyes Free connects to your car’s audio system and enables you to remotely control the Siri feature on your phone to use it hands free. There is usually a button on the steering wheel to enable the function.

Blind Spot Monitoring

To put it simply a blind spot monitor is a small sensory device that monitors the blind spots of a car. They warn the driver that another vehicle, person or biker is close by.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Having the ADAPTIVE cruise control, rather than standard cruise control on your vehicle is extremely beneficial. It has the ability to adjust the speed you have may set for your cruise control in the case of another vehicle appearing ahead. So that you may keep a safe distance.

Smartphone App Integration

Unlike Siri Eyes Free this is available for both Android and iOS and enables the user to access standard apps on their phone like text messaging, calls, music player and navigation systems c

What is Entune?5335160889_7d6474f8f2_b

Entune is the system that allows all of the features you can add to the car and the features that already come with it to work. It comes with an already integrated app suite that you can choose from that ranges from music apps, to navigation, to movies for the kids. With entune to can:

  • Access more music
  • Check local traffic
  • Check the local weather forecast
  • Find and compare fuel prices with competitors
  • Make reservations and buy movie tickets
  • Find businesses

And much more… it is almost like having a second smartphone but specifically for your car. It adds that extra dose of convenience.

Get a Loan on a Toyota Sienna with Less Than Perfect Credit

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Dodge Journey Buying Options with Bad Credit

The Dodge Journey is one of the hottest crossovers on the market. The exterior of the Journey definitely has the “Dodge look” that consumers love.  Its sporting a tried and tested frame and is available in both 5 and 7 passenger configurations. So what’s good about the 2017 Dodge Journey and where can you buy a Journey with bad credit?

Features & Trimmings2017_dodge_journey_crossroad_28joshua_tree29

As previously mentioned the Dodge Journey comes in both five and seven seats, and has 5 different trim levels that you can choose from. These are:

  • Base SE
  • Crossroad
  • SXT
  • GT
  • Crossroad Plus

Base SE

The base SE is the most basic model that you can buy, having said that it is not lacking in standard add-ons. The car comes complete with 17” steel wheels which fit nicely with the size of the car, roof rails where you can attach a rack for bikes, the mirrors are heated and it has a nice modern keyless entry system and touch button start. It also has:

  • Cruise Control
  • Climate control
  • Adjustable drivers seat
  • Telescoping and tilt steering wheel
  • Adjusting second row seats
  • 4.3” touch screen
  • Six speakers
  • USB port and auxiliary jack


The SXT model is similar to the base SE in the sense that it also has 17-inch alloy wheels, and adjustable seating. You also have to option to have exterior mirrors matching the body, a front fascia and LED lights.


Coming to the Cross road the wheels are slightly larger at 19” and the interior boasts a modern black gloss and chrome finish, with other leather trimmings. Along with a dimming rear-view mirror, it also has a satellite radio and bluetooth.

Crossroad Plus

The Cross road plus has leather interior as a standard, the front passenger seat can fold down to reveal a storage bin,and a driver seat that has six options, LED interior lighting, It has a 8.4 inch touchscreen with DVD, SD slot and cargo net.


The GT is the top form of the Dodge Journey series that you are able to purchase. With a V6 engine as part of the basic GT, the wheels remain 19” but they are slightly different to the other car forms. The suspension is sports based and the interior has perforated leather seats with stylish red stitching. The seats and steering wheel are also heated. Then you come to the speaker system, the vehicle has an audio system with a subwoofer and a power outlet.

Interior and Exterior2715_dodge_journey_28mias_271529

Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle are pleasing to look at. There are smartly placed and sized storage units inside the vehicle that is appropriate for those with a family. There is also the fact that the car has third row seats although not sized for a fully grown adult the third row seats are perfect if you have a few extra kids in the back or are carpooling another families kids.

Engine and Performance

It has a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine that at its most boasts 173 horsepower. There is also a higher spec engine available for the likes of the Dodge Journey GT.

The Dodge Journey 2017 is in keeping with its predecessors in appearance and function, and remains to be a good option for those with a large family.

Buying a Dodge with Less Than Perfect Credit

Don’t let less than perfect credit stop you from buying a Dodge Journey. Contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today or fill out their 2 minute credit application online to see if you qualify for financing on a new or used vehicle.

Top features we like on the Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade is a stylish off-road SUV made to experience the more adventurous rides in a comfortable and luxurious way. There are many top features we like on the Jeep Renegade. The main highlighted feature is its design which is sturdy yet sophisticated.


Below are few of the top features we like on the Jeep Renegade:

The exterior of the vehicle: The design is exquisite and upholds its efficiency with alluring features.

  • It has a large open-air dual-panel roof. This feature is perfect on summer days, and if required it has a sliding door which is automatically controlled. This feature aids the rider with his passengers to enjoy the ride.
  • They have halogen enabled fog lamps. The fog lamps help the rider with greater visibility on a bad weather day.
  • They have a feature of deep-tinted glass. The tint makes the passengers enjoy the warmth inside the vehicle and also the outsiders will not have a clue on who is inside the vehicle.
  • The glass panel roof is surrounded by the black painted panel. This enhances the outlook of the sunroof.
  • The windshields are made of heated elements. This, in turn, helps the windshield from ice particles and also any other particles which hinder the rider’s view.
  • The fuel tank is easy to handle during refueling as it does not have an exclusive cap. Earlier, the caps of the fuel tank had to be kept aside and chances were of it gets missed.
  • The side exterior mirrors are made of heated elements. This feature aids the rider to drive without any worries during extreme cold weathers as the fog does not hinder the view.
  • The height of the vehicle is raised for easier rides off road.
  • It has the roof racks which are sturdy enough to lodge in a boat for water adventure sports.
  • It also has a red tow hook which is capable of towing muscular objects of up to 2,000 pound weight.
  • The wheels are made of aluminum and are 17-inch in dimensions.

The interior of the vehicle: The interior is designed to accommodate and soothe the ZACCJBBT9FPB34568traveler.

  • It has an adjustable cargo area on the rear side of the vehicle. The storage area aims to keep the items intact, without causing any damage.
  • It has easy to use temperature controls that can be adjusted by the driver or front passenger. Air conditioning also helps to stay cool on those hot days.
  • It has a feature of a heated steering wheel. This aids for smooth driving during cold weather.
  • It also has an available feature of heated seats. This makes the journey during cold weather smooth and comfortable.
  • It has a friendly feature to help the other drivers on the road. This is achieved by adjusting the light glare. It has a sensory system to adjust the light glare automatically.

Efficiency: The efficiency of the vehicle which matters the most.

  • It has two options in engine types. Like, the first one with 2.4Liter TigerShark MultiAir 2 Engine with an energy output of 180 horsepower. And the second option is 1.4Liter MultiAir Turbo Engine which produces energy of 160 horsepower.

The followers of the Jeep Renegade would not want to miss to own the fun and alluring vehicle. If you are interested in a Jeep Renegade for Sale in Olympia, contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today (360) 529-0002

Some details may be incorrect, see dealer for details.

Common car accidents in the U.S and how to avoid them

Many of the car accidents in the U.S. are mainly caused by human error. The majority of these accidents are minor and do not result in fatality or serious injury but the bottom line is that it happened in the first place. Even if being careful it is still possible to end up in a car accident. So here are just a few common car accidents that occur in the U.S. and how they can be prevented.

Driving whilst distracted Girl riding in car in Washington with head out window

With the input of new technologies it adds a new possible distraction. Having said that things like eating food or drinking, looking at a map, having your navigation system on silent, taking phone calls without a headset, getting ready in the car etc are all classed as distractions. Avoiding doing things like these while driving means that more of your attention is focused on the road rather than what is happening inside your vehicle.

Drunk driving

cool guy driving car

Drunk driving is up there with one of the most common and most dangerous causes of accidents in the United States and statistics show it has one of the highest fatality and serious injury rates out of all of the possible causes. The simple solution is if you have had anything to drink, you and the public are safest if you take a taxi home or get someone who has not been drinking to pick you up.


car speedometer

Whatever your reason for speeding, whether it be because your wife is having a baby, oror late for work or you just like driving fast the outcome is always the same. The reason does not make the action any less dangerous. This is the second most common cause of accidents in America. Have a look around and look out for the signs that tell you the speed limits or get your navigation device to inform you when the speed limits change and stick to them.

fast driving on highwayReckless driving

All of the above with the inclusion of some others like changing lines without indicating, and overall acting aggressive on the road are forms of reckless driving and it can be very dangerous for both yourself and those around you. As a driver you have got to try to keep any anger issues or things that are frustrating you outside because the moment you bring it into the car and start driving it becomes dangerous. Try to remain as calm as possible.


Sometimes driving in the rain is completely unavoidable the best you can do is to try to drive as safe as possible. It is common to underestimate how rain can change how your car drives on the road. So try to drive safely, do not slow down however because this could be as dangerous as speeding up and if the rain becomes too much then in no circumstance must you continue driving. Look for somewhere safe to pull over and wait for the storm to pass.

Having a safe vehicle is also very important for staying safe on the road. If you are in the market to buy a new car, or if you need auto financing in Olympia, contact Washington Auto Credit today!

Should You Buy The Fiat 500 or MINI Cooper?

The Fiat 500 and MINI Cooper are both incredibly stylish vehicles perfect for turning heads while cruising around the city. For many shoppers, it comes down to deciding between the two for their next new car. So which one is better?


Walking onto a car lot, the first thing a buyer notices is likely to be the shape and style of the different vehicles. Comparing the Fiat 500 and the MINI Cooper, the first thing consumers typically notices is that they are both small and slick, with unique style. There aren’t any other cars out on the road that look like either of these two models. The MINI Cooper takes the boxy look of an SUV and compacts it into a neat little package. The Fiat 500 has a style completely of its own, however. Sleek, continuous lines from the headlights to the tail lights make for an absolutely stunning car that passers-by simply cannot resist staring at.


Price is a huge factor in making a car buying decision. Consumers aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest car, but the best value. That said, with a price tag starting around $15k the Fiat 500 easily beats out the MINI Cooper’s comparatively prohibitive cost of around $24k both in terms of price and value.


Esteemed marketing services firm JD Power and Associates releases reliability rankings for all new cars. The reliability rating offered by JD Power is based on problems that may cause a complete breakdown of any given component. The Fiat 500 received a predicted reliability only two out of five. The MINI Cooper received a slightly higher rating of three out of five. MINI Cooper wins the reliability category by a hair.

Gas Efficiency

The MINI’s base model comes with a 134 horsepower turbocharged 3 cylinder engine, which yields a pretty impressive 29 mpg city, 40 mpg highway efficiency. The Fiat 500’s slightly smaller base engine- 101hp 1.4 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine – yields a slightly more impressive 31 mpg city, 40 mpg highway efficiency. With its smaller body and slightly less powerful engine, the Fiat 500 easily wins the fuel economy competition.


Both the MINI Cooper and the Fiat 500 earned a four out of five star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Both of these vehicles offer modern safety accoutrements: anti-lock brakes, side curtain airbags, and traction and stability control. Both of these cars fall short on a few modern safety implements. Neither of them feature the lane departure warnings, collision detection, or blind spot cameras, as hatchback drivers rely less on these features than drivers of SUVs.

Final Words

While seemingly similar in size, style, and performance, it is clear that the MINI Cooper and the Fiat 500 offer remarkably different experiences. The slight advantage that the MINI Cooper has over the Fiat 500 in reliability is simply not enough to downplay the incredible value of the Fiat.  While the MINI Cooper offers a more luxurious experience, the Fiat 500 offers significantly greater value with a lower price point, better fuel efficiency, and a more unique and stylish look.  

If you are interested in a Fiat 500 for sale, used MINI Cooper, or in financing a car in Olympia, contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today!