Tips for protecting your car from burglaries in Seattle

The burglars in Seattle are always on the lookout for some items that they can lay their hands on. They just wait for a mistake from your side and then take advantage of it. Usually the burglars are successful because they find themselves in a position of opportunity. If you take away the opportunity, the burglars fail. 

If you wish to protect your car and the items in it from a burglary you can follow some tips given by people who have been victims of a burglary at some time or another in their life.

Use detachable itemspolice car wreck scene

There are some accessories in the car that you use for an enjoyable and comfortable ride. For example, a stereo system and other such items. If you were to use a detachable stereo face then the burglar may not be interested in stealing a stereo system that will not be useful and can’t be used.

So you should always a car audio receiver which has a detachable panel. Also, you need to be careful when you alight from the car to take it with you. Or else the purpose of having a detachable set may not be served. Your foolishness will help the burglar to show his or her smartness.

Store things surreptitiously

Unfortunately, we have to carry many  things in our car when traveling. Many of them can be valuable too. You need to store them in such a way that they are not immediately visible to a stranger. The thief is on the lookout for things that are of value (purses, electronics, jewelry.) If something is in their sight he or she will immediately grab it. It is prudent to keep your briefcase, or box or any other items in some trunks so that a break in can be avoided.

Security is the first steppolice car accident

Keep your car locked always when you are out of it. And keep your keys in a safe place. Especially when you go shopping and park your car should be kept locked. Sometimes you mean to come back in just a minute or two. Then you don’t lock it. The burglar acts over smart at such a time and runs away with your car. All that is left for you is to file a police complaint. You missed to keep your car safe and you lost it. Security of your valuables should be your priority in public places.

Get a car alarm

Keeping an alarm in your car is many a time annoying that is goes off at the wrong time. If a thief sees an alarm in any car he or she will keep off it for sure. But some cars have some dummy alarms or the manufacturer will place a product on the car that will look like an alarm. This will keep the burglars off the car. A big break-in is prevented.

Public location parking is the best

Putting your car in a corner place thinking it is a private place may attract a burglar more than a place in the public place. The secret place is not accessible to anyone and the thief may be looking for such places and if he or she finds a car there he or she may steal it with ease. It is safe in a public place where many people come and go.

Following these tips, you can keep your car and your items safe from the burglars. For more car tips or info on buying and financing a car near Seattle contact Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002


Large SUVs near Seattle That Get Great Gas Mileage

Picking a vehicle that fits you and your family is no easy task. The car market in the United States is filled with SUV’s, as they are known to provide better room, better seating, all-wheel drive, and loads of flexibility. But, there is a particular set of buyers whose main focus remains on fuel efficiency.  Better mileage always proves helpful to family and regular travelers as; a fuel efficient car stays easy on the pocket in the long term. Let’s find below a checklist of large SUVs that provide best of luxury and fuel efficiency.

1) The Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The 2017 launched Toyota SUV is known for its 2717_toyota_highlander_hybrid_28mias_271729exceptional energy and fuel efficient engine. It is considered as one of the most versatile and the budget friendly SUV. The vehicle gives the best of gas mileage, out of each gallon of gasoline. The United States Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA rating of the vehicle is 27 mpg when it runs on a highway, 29 when it moves in the city, and the combined movement in city and highway comes at 28mpg. The Driveline of the vehicle consists of the 3.5-liter V6 engine that works in conjunction with three electric motors. The combined effort produces 306 horsepower that leads to better acceleration and high speed. The all-wheel drive SUV leads to better savings with great comfortability.

2) The Ford Explorer 

The lovers of Ford brand of cars are many, as they are known to move with the latest S8953A-2013-Ford-Explorertrends desired by customers. The Explorer group of cars comes in two varieties with excellent fuel economy. The first variety has 3.5 liter Eco Boost V6 engine which produces 290 horsepower. The second variety belonging to the sports car segment produces 365 horsepower. The Ford variety of cars is powered by 2.3-liter turbocharged model fitted with 4 cylinders. The comfortable vehicle has an EPA rating of 20 mpg in the city area and 28 mpg when moving along highways. The spacious car with enhanced safety measures like lane assistance and adaptive cruise control is great for climbing mountains as well.

3) The Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep brand vehicle is great on the road experience. C304-2016-Jeep-Grand-CherokeeThe best in the class energy efficient car is great on fuel economy. The car is known to provide a comfortable and controlled ride option at all times. The car is empowered with a 3.6-liter V6 engine that provides optimum efficiency. The vehicle gets an EPA rating 26 mpg on highways and 19 mpg on city roads. The high power vehicle is also available 5.7-litre V8 engines that have the capability to disseminate 360 horsepower along with 390 feet of torque. The car is known to drive excellent, even in poor weather conditions. The car is a great companion that provides better road grip. Equipped with standard safety measure and 9-speed automatic transmission systems, the car is surely an excellent performer that gives power to its rider with each gallon.

Buy a Used SUV near Seattle with Okay Credit

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Should Washington residents choose a front wheel drive car or all-wheel drive car?

Most of the cars are that are seen on the road have front-wheel-drive (in short FWD.) this means that the power from the engine will go to the wheels in the front. But now the trend is changing and you can see that many cars made today have all-wheel-drive (AWD.) When buying new, many Washington buyers choose AWD vehicles because of our rainy winters. The question is whether or not this is a necessary upgrade.

Here are some pros and cons of FWD vs AWD.

Front Wheel Drive


Why do people go for a front-wheel-drive car? Driving an FWD has many benefits.

The FWD system is simple and less expensive. With a less expensive up front cost, you end up with lower payments that are affordable to a larger group of people. Another big plus side to FWD is that they usually get better fuel economy. This will also save the driver some big money over the long run.

All in all, you pay less when buying this kind of a car and in maintaining it too. So it is economical to buy an FWD. the cost effective factor plays in its favor.

Another factor that is in its support is that there is more room inside FWD car. The rear seats have no humps. The back seaters get more leg room and can travel more comfortably in such cars. The mechanics are all up front hence these cars are designed to make the most of such space.

This allows the makers to provide more room for the front of the car too. Another advantage in FWD is that the weight of the engine on the front wheels so the traction is good during a climb drive. To drive in rainy and dry conditions a front-wheel-drive car is a good pick. With modern and advanced technology such as traction control, FWD cars are the best they’ve ever been.

In an all-wheel drive system, all the wheels get power, thanks to a pair of differentials at the axles that split the power front and back. Because all the wheels get power from the engine, they can all compensate when one starts to slip. It’s not quite the same as four-wheel drive, which has lower gearing for slow going through tough terrain.

All Wheel Drive


There are different kinds of all wheel drive cars. A few vehicles use the AWD all the time. This means that a small percentage of the power output of the engine drives the rear wheels. The rest is used for the front wheels. Depending on conditions this can change.

In some of the AWD, the rear wheels receive power only when the conditions need it meaning that this AWD system works part time. At other times the front wheels get all the power leading to fuel economy.

In snowy condition, the traction in all wheel drive is improved. An all-wheel drive system is a better choice for a drive in rough territory too. If you make a lot of trips over the mountain pass during the winter, an AWD is a good choice. With that said, you can also put winter tires on a FWD vehicle and get comparable results.

Knowing the difference you can choose for yourself what kind of a car suits your requirements best and buy a car according to your needs.

To learn more about an FWD or AWD car for sale in Olympia, contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002

Why the 2017 Toyota Sienna a Great Family Van for Tacoma Buyers

One of the best family vans in Tacoma for 2017 has been named as the Toyota Sienna for a number of reasons. The first of course is the fact that it has a great history of being safe if involved in a crash and the fact that it’s the only minivan so far to offer all-wheel drive means taking it through terrain with ease opens up travel opportunities.

The Sienna Has Great Tech FeaturesU71252-2015-Toyota-Sienna

The infotainment system is up to date, but rather than feeling as though you have stepped into the Tardis it has been created with ease of use in mind. This is something families crave due to trying to control the vehicle, entertain the occupants all while tackling children of varying ages in the back seats. Speaking of being the best minivan for families the minivan also has a lot of space to stop occupants feeling cramped and uncomfortable on longer journeys. In addition to this is also has a lot of cargo space so whether you’re planning a family vacation or feel as though you are taking one with everything you need for a day trip, the Toyota Sienna 2017 will not fail to impress.

Plenty of Seating for the Family

Seating up to 8 people the Toyota Sienna is great for larger families and with a proven past history with previous models it’s also a safe bet for reliability. This is also a great point to bear in mind for when you sell in the future as it is one of very few minivans that retains so much. The all-wheel drive is excellent for people that live in harsher terrains thanks to its excellent grip.

Usually when choosing a family vehicle you have to make a choice between having more space for occupants or for cargo. The Toyota Sienna 2017 makes no compromise on either so you can take along everything you need and have enough leg and head room for all to avoid unnecessary tantrums on longer journeys.

Comfort Features For the Whole Family

baby-1178575_1920The standard Toyota Sienna 2017 is excellent value for money offering features inclusive of the tri zone automated control to keep a consistent ambient temperature whatever the weather. The seats are high quality and the infotainment system offers eyes free control so you can keep your eyes on the road while making changes.

The base Toyota Sienna 2017 is able to seat seven people and has captain chairs that are able to recline in the second row. You are however able to upgrade to an 8 seater should you need it by choosing a different trim. The extra seat can be slid forward allowing you to put a child seat in there so that you can also reach it from the front should you need to. There’s even a little cubby to store the car seat which is great news for child-minders or parents that do not need a child seat fitted all of the time. there’s the option to upgrade further if you wish to really live the life of luxury including being able to add heated seating, footrest for people on the second row and a power third row to bring seats down with minimum effort.

For those with younger families there are four anchors to attach car seats with ease and these can be easily installed by bringing the second row of seats forward.

Looking for a Sienna for Sale near Tacoma? Contact Washington Auto Credit today! We can help you find a new or used Sienna and help you secure an auto loan. Call (360) 529-0002 now to learn more.

Which Volkswagen SUVs Are The Nicest?

Although you want to ensure your next SUV has great specs on fuel saving; power, great handling, and comfort are definitely up there if you’re going to spend any length of time in your new car. Volkswagens are known for their comfort, reliability and style and the latest line ups for 2017 do not disappoint. If you are looking for a luxurious Volkswagen that has all the latest tech, safety features and entertainment systems then read on to find out which come out on top for being luxurious.

Volkswagen Touareg 2017VW_Touareg_3.0_TDI_V6_SCR_4Motion_Facelift

The new Volkswagen Touareg has been rated by some as being better than the BMW X5 and has arguably different to the other 4×4’s out there. Competing with the top brands Volkswagen has been extremely popular over the years with the Touareg previously being known for being sensible and an alternative to more glamorous rivals, however the 2017 model is set to change this.

The Touareg boasts 5 seats which are made for comfort even on long haul journeys with the additional space for both driver and passengers. Even if you don’t have little ones and fill the vehicle with adults there is more than enough room to stretch your legs on long journeys and lots of little storage cubbies to store your essentials in. it’s extremely quiet in the cabin whether you are seated in the front or at the back no matter what speed you are at. Depending on the trim you can expect either wood veneer or real metal inside and the plastic parts feel solid enough to be luxurious. Even the switches move fluidly for a more comfortable operation. The vehicle features two big digital displays making it easier to see what you need and understand. The satnav and infotainment system have been created user friendly. Heated seats, heated controls on the screen and air conditioning give you additional luxury as does the heated steering wheel. Front and rear parking sensors make parking a breeze with audible obstacle warnings as well as visual.

Volkswagen Atlas 2017Volkswagen_Atlas_2017_SUV

If you’re looking for a family vehicle that has all the luxury you need for long journeys then the Atlas will not fail to impress. Named after the Greek god “Atlas”, this version has the underpinning of the Golf but has 3 rows of seating to comfortably fit the whole family. Although huge compared to their previous vehicles the longer wheelbase looks so much better than its rivals. It’s able to seat 7 passengers or 6 if you choose the later second row of captain chairs. With 21 foot of cargo space you can take everything you need for a weekend away or day trip to the beach. Hitting 60 miles per hour in just under 8 seconds it’s speedy enough to take off islands and junctions without slack and actually doesn’t feel as big to drive as you would think. Select the all-wheel drive you can select from eco, sport, normal and individual. With lots of leg and headroom the longest of journeys can be enjoyed rather than endured and with the upsized entertainment system on an 8 inch touchscreen you can entertain everyone. There are even additional USB ports for topping up gadget power on the road. The heated 4 seats at the front offer warm and comfortable travel during colder weather and the panoramic sunroof lets you see more of the outside while travelling when the weather heats up.

If you are interested in learning more about buying a Volkswagen with little credit, contact Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002

Which Used Jeeps Are Best for Young Buyers with Little Credit?

Jeep is one of the oldest automotive brands in existence today.  It traces its origins to World War II when the US Military was looking to commission a 4-wheel drive reconnaissance vehicle that can go through any terrain that had quick movements.  The Jeep eventually became an American military standard for decades and is the preferred vehicle of choice for many off-road terrain requirements.

Jeep continues to be a popular brand with many of its old models still existing today.  There are 5 main vehicles still being produced under the Jeep logo, all of which are Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs.

The usual Jeep design carries a certain charm to them and generally heavy duty.  So it’s no surprise that up till now there are many who still drive these vehicles.  Even young adults in their 20s may find the Jeep still very attractive as it gives that very rugged macho look.  

Let’s take a look at some of the Jeep models out there that would fit 20-year olds’ lifestyle.

The Jeep Wrangler


The Wrangler line is probably one of the most iconic models of the Jeep.  It has the classic military-style look and feel to it that you would find with many of the older Jeep models.  It’s the perfect vehicle companion that can do well both on and off the road.  Nothing says more “ready for action” than this machine.  This vehicle will cross almost any terrain as it is heavy duty.

The used Wrangler in Olympia also very popular because of its design and durability so it is also very easy to find replacement parts for this.  Though it’s already a discontinued model, it continues to be a popularly bought and sold vehicle and many continue to purchase this jeep.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

The Wrangler Unlimited is the successor of the TJ Wrangler.  This Jeep is truly an all-terrain vehicle.  It will drive over anything and it will probably pass the test.  It is considered by many as one of the most versatile vehicles today and can be used whether on the road or some hiking or camping trip as it can go through muddy and rocky terrains.   

The Wrangler JK Unlimited is also a very comfortable ride and can even accommodate 4-5 passengers including the driver.  Because of its design you can carry most anything on your trip and is really great for an outdoor trip.  It comes with more luxurious features that are great for everyday driving than the lower trim levels. We know you will definitely love it.

Grand CherokeeC125-2016-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee

If you are looking for something more modern looking then probably the used Grand Cherokee is your choice.  This SUV is perfect for out of town trips.  It can carry more than 5 people.  It is impressive looking and has a more modern day SUV.  These vehicle can be used on both on and off road.  You can use the Grand Cherokee, whether for outdoor trips with your family or you just plan to hang out with your friends.  Whatever the reason, the Grand Cherokee will deliver all you will want from the Jeep brand plus more.  And despite its size, this vehicle is also very efficient so you don’t have to worry about spending too much.

These Jeep Models are great for 20 year olds or even those past that age.  It carries a great charm to them and lots of history.  It will also never fail the look and feel in driving something so iconic.  To learn more about how to get financing on a used Jeep, contact Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002

Why is my Credit Karma score different than the score car dealers see?


You may have noticed that every lender or car dealership that runs your credit seems to have a different credit score for you.  We talk to clients all the time that do not understand how different companies can pull The reason this happens is that inside each of the three main credit bureau brands (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) there are several different scoring models.

Perhaps you have heard these terms before: FICO, Beacon, Auto Enhanced…and there are more. There are even different score versions.  Your Equifax Beacon Version 5.0 Auto Enhanced score will be different than your Beacon 8.0 Auto Enhanced score. The non-Auto Enhanced version will also be different.

Why are there different scoring models? 

Each scoring version counts different types of good and bad credit differently. Then lenders use that data to weigh how each applicant will be scored for their loan.  For example, an Auto Enhanced score is supposed to better predict how well a consumer will pay an Auto Loan.  It makes sense if previous auto loan performance is given greater weight when scoring the odds of future auto loan repayment.  That is just one example.  There are more than I can possibly specify here.

Lenders usually pick a certain scoring model and stick with it for all of their applicants. That way every customer is compared on an “apples to apples” basis, because the scores are all weighed the same way.

Which credit scoring model does Credit Karma use?

Credit Karma currently uses something they call VantageScore 3.0.


This is the VantageScore 3.0 information provided on

What auto lenders use VantageScore 3.0?

None that I have found. VantageScore 3.0 seems to be designed strictly for consumers to monitor changes in their credit.

Can a lender use your VantageScore 3.0 Credit score instead of the credit score they pulled?

No. Lenders want to use the same scoring model for each applicant so that they can make decisions consistently, so you cannot use your 801 Vantage score instead of your 680 Beacon 8.0 score.   Using a different credit score to get a loan would be like using Venezuelan currency to pay your mortgage instead of US dollars.  It would be great for you, but not for the lender.

How does VantageScore 3.0 compare to credit scores that lenders use?

In my experience, the Credit Karma scores that users see are usually much higher than their “real” credit scores that lenders use.  There is nothing wrong with that, because the VantageScore 3.0 model just gives you a measurable number to keep track of.  If your VantageScore credit score goes down, your other credit score versions probably went down too. If your Credit Karma score goes up, the other scores probably went up.

The most important thing for you to remember when looking at your Credit Karma scores is that the scores you see ARE NOT your credit scores that lenders or auto dealers typically see.

If you want to get an idea of what your score is, without giving out your Social Security Number, fill out this form at Washington Auto Credit. Also, you may be given an idea as to how large of an auto loan you could be pre-approved for.

Five Reasons To Buy The 2017 Ford Fiesta in Olympia

Looking to buy a new car with many great features and is inexpensive? The 2017 Ford Fiesta has many positive things that a driver looks for a new car. Here are five reasons in particular to buy the new Ford Fiesta.

  1. It Is Affordable27854-2015-Ford-Fiesta

The 2017 Fiesta maintains Ford’s reputation as having a fairly inexpensive price tag on its vehicles. This is a popular factor for consumers buying a new vehicle because the economy is not as strong as before, as car buyers are looking at used, older vehicles. Car buyers also want a vehicle that does not cost a lot to maintain, which is what the Fiesta is capable of doing. It has plenty of miles per gallon in the tank and does not fail on the body to keep the cost of maintenance down. The Fiesta does not hold back on style, maintaining the look of past Fiestas.

  1. Style Is Key

The Fiesta has an incredibly shaped body with an interior that fits the bill for comfort. The exterior includes an arched roof, strong headlamps tucked in into the front ends, and a low, widened front and mouth. Inside, the cabin has not changed compared to other Ford Fiestas. It still has soft materials for sitting, wide cup holders, and small storage places to hold various things.The car is also relatively quiet from inside thanks to an adjustment with the hood to cut down on engine noise.

  1. It’s Powerful And Safe

The Fiesta’s horsepower ranges from 120 to 197 with a 1.6-liter engine, giving plenty of power driving on any road. Expect an effective miles-per-gallon rate between 31 and 41, based on street or highway usage, showcasing effective fuel economy. The same goes with its safety features, which includes in-vehicle assistance, sturdy passenger airbags for front and side impact, and child safety locks. In addition, the Fiesta has warning systems for ignition and low tires pressure, plus parking guide and a security alarm system loud enough to ward off any carjacker.

  1. Smart Features From Inside


The in-vehicle and parking assistance is part of the car’s advanced technology. The Fiesta has SYNC 3, which provides Apple CarPlay to keep drivers connected to their iPhone while driving. That means there’s no reason to not have the eyes on the road while driving. SYNC 3 permits users to check voicemail, send and receive texts, and play songs.

  1. A Warranty And An Impression

This car includes a 36,000-mile, three-year warranty with complete coverage; the powertrain warranty is five years, 60,000 miles. For drivers, this is comforting just in case of some issue that comes up when in use such as any unexpected maintenance problems. Ford dealerships across the country have customized shops for its entire vehicle to give any expert repairs. New drivers of the 2017 Ford Fiesta have praised it for its high fuel economy, easy steering, and special features, which allows the car to be worth driving around for long periods of time.

Interested in buying Ford Fiesta with little credit in Olympia? Contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 529-0002

Best Used SUV Models for Big Families

Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs are slowly replacing the sedan as the go-to car for families.  SUVs are sturdier and more durable so there is a level of safety and protection against accidents.  They are also able to accommodate more people in general and has space to carry a lot of things, so it’s perfect as well for long road trips where you need to bring lots of luggage and other stuff on the trip.  It really does seem more functional than your standard mid-sized sedan.

Let’s take a look at some of the best SUVs out there for large families and see one that’s great for your needs:

Toyota Highlander


The Toyota Highlander is a very versatile full-sized family SUV that does everything well. This SUV can hold up to eight passengers (including the driver) with three rows of seating.  It also has the ability to cram as much as 83.7 cubic feet of stuff.  Its chassis actually allows you to handle this vehicle more like a standard car than what one might expect of an SUV.

Chevrolet Suburban


If you’re looking for an SUV that can go through any terrain and can carry huge load of cargo then you might want to take a look at the Chevrolet Suburban.  The Chevrolet Suburban has long been at the top of the lists of affordable full-sized SUVs for many years especially when it comes to utility. It has a pick-up based platform so it allows you to tow up to 8,100 lbs and store as much as 121.1 cubic feet of cargo which is huge by any SUV standard. It even has a nine-passenger seating so you can really bring the whole family and your dog too.

Dodge Durango


The Dodge Durango is a large SUV that is great for families that are looking for something practical along with something big and sturdy.  Nothing says big and sturdy than the Durango.   Available in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive models, the Durango can haul up to seven passengers at any given time while still having a storage capability of 84.5 cubic feet.  This vehicle is great for long road trips as it handles very smoothly, more so than most truck-based SUVs can handle.  Truly a monster on the road but still safe and practical for any big family.

Honda Pilot


Not to be outdone, Honda also has its own brand of SUVs that can compare to some of the SUVs on this list.  The  used Honda Pilot has a conservative style and look which is classic in most SUVs but still able to carry as much as eight passengers in one go while able to carry a cargo of up to 83.9 cubic feet.  This SUV is not to be outdone when it comes to the power of its engine as it comes with a standard 3.5-liter V6 engine that carries up to 280 horsepower and up to 262 lb-feet of torque.

Ford Expedition

If you like huge, then the 29130A-2011-Ford-ExpeditionFord Expedition is the SUV for you.  This powerhouse of an SUV is able to carry up to eight passengers.  It can also carry an amazing 130.8 cubic feet of cargo so it’s perfect not just for families but for people who haul a lot of stuff from one place to another. The Expedition also handles towing especially well and is able to carry up to 9,200 lb trailers with no difficulty at all for the vehicle.  This is the recommended SUV of choice when looking for something big and can carry a huge amount of cargo.

Looking for a large used SUV for sale in Olympia? Contact the team at Washington Auto Credit today at (360) 975-4739 – we can help you find the perfect SUV for your needs! 

Cleaning Tips after Buying a Lifted Jeep in Washington

jeep rock slidersMost Jeep owners love mud all over their jeeps, because they feel that mud on their jeeps is a right of passage. A downside to mud remaining on your jeep is that once it dries up, the harder it is to scrub off when you do decide to wash your car. Dried mud can affect your vehicle’s wheels by causing an imbalance which will make you drive more unevenly; dried up mud, particularly on the radiator can cause your Jeep to heat up and mud on the lights will obviously make them less bright, visible and less effective which will be dangerous when you drive at night.

As much as mud on your Jeep is considered as a right of passage or a badge of honour amongst other Jeep owners, the mud must be cleaned off your car as soon as reasonably possible. Here we provide some useful tips on how to clean your Jeep after going mudding:


  • Clean your car as soon as possible


Mud is different according to the region of origin. In some places the mud is watery and thin whilst in others it is thick almost like wet concrete. Regardless of the texture or type of mud, it is crucial and advisable that you wash the mud off as soon as possible. As soon as you return from mudding, its best you take a hose to that mud before it turns into concrete and becomes almost impossible to remove.


  • High pressureC318-2016-Jeep-Wrangler-Unlimited


Cleaning the mud of your car is already a tedious duty, to speed up the process you should use one of the following:

  • A Pressure washer, which is perfect if you have enough space and or the money to invest in one. Add a U-shaped attachment to your pressure washer to make it much easier to reach the undercarriage; and/or
  • Car Wash, this is an obvious choice as the pressure is often higher than using your own hose or a regular standard hose and the best part is the cleaning up duties are not on you. Another benefit of car washes is that they use warm water which makes the removal of mud much easier. It is important to remember that car washes will cost you around about $ 10 to $20.


  • Under the Hood


The engine will also need to be cleaned but this may be a problem because engines also have cables and wires which should not get wet. You can either carefully clean the engine bay by using a hose, towel and brush. Some have tried leaving their engine on and this pressure has washed the engine. You could also try steam cleaning your engine whilst your electronics are covered by plastics. Another option could also be using Simple Green as it can speed up the cleaning process.


  • Clean everywhere


Make sure you try and clean all the parts as they can have little cracks that can retain mud. Whilst you are cleaning under the hood, also clean the radiator and any other small crevices.

Buy a Lifted Jeep with Poor Credit in Washington

Interested in buying a lifted jeep but have less than perfect credit? Get vehicle loan approval with our 2 minute auto loan application or give us a call at Washington Auto Credit at (360) 529-0002 and speak with a specialist today!